Intack Removals Case Study

Intack Removals have been a partner with Compare My Move since 2015 and are still enjoying our high-quality removal leads.

Over the years, they've grown from just one man and van to now owning two large warehouses and four vans. We've helped them complete thousands of jobs, including the transport of a £70,000 crystal piano.

We speak to Sil Crane, owner of Intack Removals, about his experience working with Compare My Move.

Who are Intack Removals?

Intack Removals are a Preston-based removal company that provides Preston, Blackburn and Bolton with removal and storage services. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, they've expanded since joining us. Since 2015, they have built up almost 100 5-star reviews from happy customers.

Sil told us they've stayed with Compare My Move thanks to our friendly customer service and excellent leads.

Intack Removals

What challenges did they face with other lead generators?

Intack Removals signed up with Compare My Move and other competitors during the early days of using lead generators. They had problems with other lead generators, with Sil complaining "...when you try to ring the customer I don’t feel like they’re genuine.”

He continued to state that competitors “were flooding me with random referrals that were no good.” Whereas the leads we provided him with attributed to the growth of the company. The other lead generators also didn't provide a turnover that matched ours.

“You were early days. You’ve looked after me brilliantly”

Sil Crane, Owner of Intack Removals

What made Compare My Move stand out?

When researching lead generators, Compare My Move was the first company to appear for Sil. Reflecting on how we differed from competitors, Sil states “ were early days. You’ve looked after me brilliantly”.

When it comes to the service our team offers, Sil told us that Compare My Move always provides “1-2-1 customer service”, stating we don’t treat him as “just a number.”

He said how easy it was to sign up and that our partner support team “has been brilliant from day one. You’re a good company.”

What growth have they seen?

Intack Removals has a current conversion rate between 30% and 50%. Since joining us in 2015, they have grown exponentially. Sil states that Compare My Move “has helped me grow and grow to what I am now."

Sil also discussed how Compare My Move has helped Intack Removals with its expansion. He states that “since day one you have helped the company grow so much with a very good client base. You’ve just made me move forward.”

Talking more on the growth of the company, he explained “I’ve now got two big warehouses, four vans and that’s how you’ve helped me grow.” He discusses how his current cap provides him with a great return on investment, allowing him to spend as much as he wants while maintaining a profit.

When it comes to planning the future, Sil has his sights on expanding his growing fleet of vehicles. He says that Intack Removals has “four vans, I want them out all the time. It is getting there.”

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Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

What features do they like?

When asked about the features on offer, Sil commented on the lead notifications, saying “I’ve got my dashboard so I can control everything now.” He also enjoys utilising the review feature on the site, encouraging his customers to leave feedback. He also ensures that he responds to every review.

Moving on to discussing Lead Manager, Sil said it took some time to get into but “it is so easy once you get on it.” Using Lead Manager, partners can now pause and activate leads using their own dashboard rather than calling in. This has saved Intack Removals precious time as the company has grown.

What moves stand out?

Compare My Move has connected Intack Removals with an excellent client base for years. This includes numerous piano moves, including a £70,000 crystal piano thanks to their specialist equipment. Sil commented that “all your leads are nice clients”.

One move that stands out for Sil was a recent move for a man who lived in a mansion in Oxford. Intack Removals provided a full packing service and the belongings are now in storage while the customer’s new home is being built. The customer was thrilled with the service, telling Sil “what you said is exactly what you done.”

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Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

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