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Removals For You

Removals For You enjoy an impressive conversion rate of up to 72% from our removal leads. A partner since 2021, our business model has helped them boost business and streamline their booking process.

We spoke to Business Owner, Theresa, to hear about their experience as a Compare My Move partner.

Who are Removals For You?

Removals For You is a removal company offering a range of services including residential, commercial and house clearance. Based in Selby, they are a family-run business that provides their professional services across York and the surrounding areas.

Their movers have the vital knowledge and expertise to take care of all aspects of the move. The team strive to offer a bespoke service, including optional upgrades such as packing and storage solutions.

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How did they hear about Compare My Move?

They first met our New Business team at the Movers and Storage Show and “liked what [we] had on offer”. Having used other lead generators, they wanted to see if our service would provide quality leads that they were looking for.

When talking about the signing-up process, Theresa stated how simple it was. “I signed up on the way back to the hotel. I just joined with all my details and went from there”. This meant Removals For You could start winning jobs instantly.

What made Compare My Move stand out?

The quality of leads stood out the most for them compared to other lead generators. The fact our leads are genuine leads from active movers is something Theresa values in Compare My Move.

Discussing how we stand out, she remarked that “other lead generators we have tend to be faceless… You’re completely opposite. You keep in touch. I know that if I need anything, I’ll ring you”. Having access to our Partner Support Team means that any issues are sorted quickly and gives Theresa confidence in our service.

Removals For You has also benefited from our exclusive partner offers on their removal leads. You can view and opt-in for these in our Lead Manager app.

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

What features do they like?

Theresa commented on the simplicity of the Lead Manager app which allows them to “find out where the lead is from, who they are, and all the rest of it”.

She also likes that we don’t provide quotes to the customers like other lead generators do. “We don’t work on price, we work on quality of service.” Our business model allows them to keep their prices at the right point without entering a bidding war to win the job.

The leads are easy to view thanks to our webhook integration with Removals Manager which makes the process even more streamlined. “I don’t have to manually take the details down, I can put them in for a booking”. This ultimately saves them “time, effort, and money”.

New partners can save money on set-up fees with Removals Manager when they join our partner network. Learn more about our Partner Benefits here.

What growth have they seen?

They have an excellent conversion rate of 65-72% on average from our leads, ensuring they’re always seeing a high return on investment.

Using Compare My Move has allowed the company to become “more elite with the quality of service we provide”. Their knowledge of the areas they cover allows them to instantly know whether they can assist with the customer’s move.

Theresa commented that their experience as a Compare My Move partner has been “positive, fruitful, and reliable”. Our leads have helped them to grow and become highly regarded within the industry.

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

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