DBM Express

A partner with Compare My Move since 2015, DBM Express enjoy a conversion rate of 10-30% and a high return of investment on leads.

They’ve won some impressive jobs over the years, with the team helping out famous actors and BBC presenters on their big move.

We spoke with Bianca, Sales Advisor at DBM Express to learn of the growth they’ve seen since first collaborating with us.

Who are DBM Express?

First starting out in the removals industry 13 years ago, DBM Express used to collaborate with other removal companies in London before becoming ‘Devoted, Boundless, Movers.’ They are now an established removal company operating across London and beyond.

Offering their first-class house removals and storage services, DBM Express hold an impressive 5-star rating with Compare My Moves reviews. The business aims to stand out from the rest and place great importance on being eco-friendly, so they make an effort to use crates and paper blankets instead of cardboard boxes and plastic covers.

They first learnt about our partnership when the company they worked with were also using us for their leads, so they quickly got an idea of how we worked and wanted to learn more.

What challenges did they face?

DBM Express told us how they’ve used lead generators in the past but had to soon end their collaboration with them as they’d often provide false leads. Bianca shared how these lead providers would send out leads with incorrect details or false information about bedroom numbers, meaning they’d often convert only 1 out of 10 leads.

Bianca told us the company had no problems with our sign up process and how much they’re enjoying our collaboration so far. “You’re really understanding of our needs, whenever we need to amend postcodes or change coverage areas this is done with ease and always a quick response.”

What made Compare My Move stand out?

Bianca explained how we’re consistent with our quality of leads. We stood out to them because of the high standard of lead information we provide - “[They are] contactable leads and we’re able to get in touch with an actual person, which is really important to us.”

Naturally, people might make a mistake and enter an incorrect email address, but Bianca told us our percentage of these types of lead is much lower than other lead generators which makes us stand higher than the rest for DBM Express.

Many times we’ve relied on you, in the early days when we didn’t have many customers.

DBM Express

Are there any particularly successful jobs?

DBM Express have won some big jobs from Compare My Move, with Bianca telling us that they’ve helped some “lovely customers” with our leads. They’ve helped famous actors and BBC presenters with their house moves over the years that they’ve been partnered with us.

One move in particular that stands out for Bianca was a planned local move that ended up being a move to France. This is just one example of the big jobs they’ve secured from our high-quality removal leads.

What growth have they seen?

DBM Express has grown as a business with our partnership, with Bianca explaining how we’ve really helped them over the years. “Many times we’ve relied on you, in the early days when we didn’t have many customers.

Our leads have helped the business to reach further people as a lot of their customers are recommended by previous Compare My Move customers. They have an impressive conversion rate that averages between 10-30%, depending on the time of year and are enjoying a “good return on investment” on their leads.

Bianca finished the call with a summary of their time using us - “It’s worth it!

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