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Jones Moves

Spending £1,400 a month on leads and seeing a return of up to £10,000, Jones Moves told us they would not be where they are today without Compare My Move’s partnership.

Based in Twickenham and offering their expert services across London, Jones Moves has been partnered with us since 2019. With an impressive 75 5-star reviews, the business is thriving.

We spoke with Directors Liam and Casey and learnt how our leads helped them establish and grow their business.

What challenges did they face with other lead generators?

The business trialled one of our competitors but soon ended this when they didn’t receive any leads. They explained how the email the company sent them used “...a simple and boring template that got lost with everything else, nothing stood out.”

They also shared their frustration with wasting money with other lead generators. “With some places, you could spend £300 and not even get an email back.” The brothers explained how they trust us and know they will see their return in investment from our high quality of leads.

Liam and Casey explained how they wasted so much time as no one would even answer the phone or respond to an email. They told us how it was a breath of fresh air using our website compared to others, “...everything is in its place, simple and bright, even down to the fonts that you use. It’s done properly, looks professional and is so easy to use.”

What made Compare My Move stand out?

They quickly realised their experience with other lead generators wasn’t working, so started researching other providers. Jones Moves found Compare My Move via a simple Google search and we appeared at the top.

They were drawn to our easy-to-use website which was “bold and colourful.” “Everything stands out nicely,” Casey told us, with the overall look of our website attracting them initially.

The signup process was smooth and they told us how easy it was to upload their documents. “Everything was in its right place,” Liam explained, appreciating the simplicity of it all.

Jones Moves

"We hired staff because of you, we started our own storage business too, and we wouldn't be here in this position without Compare My Move."

Liam, Director at Jones Moves

What growth have they seen?

Jones Moves started out with just a transit van and were able to purchase their second van once they started a partnership with us. Spending £1,400 a month on leads, Jones Moves enjoys a profit of between £8,000-£10,000 a month.

Liam and Casey explained how grateful they are for the return on investment we’ve helped them earn. “We hired staff because of you, we started our own storage business too, and we wouldn't be here in this position without Compare My Move.”

Talking about their success with our leads, Casey said “we’re not exaggerating, it’s very successful, we can’t complain.” Liam simply added “Compare My Move is amazing” and told us how he feels like we are a partnership with the support and guidance we offer. They also see many customers return to use their services, so keep making a profit from their leads.

When asked how they’d sum up their experience with us so far, Casey answered “1,000,000% Compare My Move has helped us establish Jones Moves.” They claim they wouldn’t have had their busiest year ever in 2021 if they didn’t have Compare My Move.

What features do they like?

When asked what unique features they appreciate, Liam was quick to respond. “I love the reviews,” he told us. “The way you layout your review feature with the 5-stars makes me want to get more reviews, it’s superb.”

He explained how as a business owner it makes sense to him, so he knows customers will be drawn to seeing all the 5-star reviews at the top. “It’s a good marketing tool."

"1,000,000% Compare My Move has helped us establish Jones Moves."

Casey, Director at Jones Moves

Do any moves stand out?

Liam and Casey shed light on some of the people they’ve helped move. They’ve moved celebrities, BBC workers and ITV producers that all came through Compare My Move leads. Liam stated, “ produce a high level of quality customers, not the type you’d expect.”

One move that stood out for the brothers was when they helped a lady who had recently lost her husband. “Rosie helped her through the move by just being on the phone and she found it very supportive,” Casey shared. Liam added how they all even shared a few tears on the day too.

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