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Stellar Removals

Stellar Removals first partnered with Compare My Move back in March 2021, and after winning 2 jobs from their first 3 leads, founder James Ian Johnston, says he’s thankful he found us early on.

We learnt about James’ excellent relationship with our account managers that allowed him to make the most out of his leads, as well as the amazing clients we match him with that make the job easy.

Who are Stellar Removals?

Founded by James in 2021, Stellar Removals already hold a 5-star rating across Google, Facebook and Compare My Move reviews.

Based in Southampton, they operate their expert house removal service across Hampshire and South East England.

Their staff are veterans of the removals industry, with years of experience between them, which is reflected in their high conversion rate of our removal leads.

What difficulties did they face?

James shared with us the struggles of starting out a new business, explaining the lengthy process of building up a solid internet presence and rising up the rankings in Google, especially in the removals industry.

However, as a new business just starting out, James joined Compare My Move and won 2 jobs from his first 3 leads right away. We spend time and money on advertising so our partners don’t have to, making us an ideal partnership for new businesses as well as established companies. James stated how thankful he is to have found us early on with Stellar Removals.

Comparing our service with other lead generators, James explained how he finds our interface a lot friendlier than others, appreciating our email templates, lead details and Lead Manager integration.

What made Compare My Move stand out?

James found out about Compare My Move through his previous job, but he says he would have quickly discovered us despite this as many people recommended our partnership to him.

The signup process “couldn’t have been easier” for James. He also made good use of the introductory buy 1 get 1 free offer on leads, buying enough leads to last him 2 months, meaning he was soon on his way to winning jobs and growing his business.

James also praises our detailed lead information and CRM integration. He explains how the lead includes all the information he needs ready to call the customer and offer them a tailored plan for their move. He appreciates that our partnership is designed to be compatible with his software, so their information about leads and jobs is all in one place.

“Every single job I've had with Compare My Move has been positive and the clients I work with are overwhelmingly lovely.”

What growth have they seen?

James built Stellar Removals using only Compare My Move’s partnership and leads. His excellent relationship with his account managers, Stuart and Cosmo, allowed him to learn how to make the most out of his Lead Manager and utilise our tools.

He praises account manager Cosmo and their multiple hour-long phone calls that acted as tutorials on how to win jobs. Our “toolbox feature” meant James could work out which postcode areas his leads would be most successful, tailoring his leads to make the most out of his money and see a return in investment.

Jokingly, James said our “service is too friendly and it stops me from doing important work, I wouldn’t change a thing about it”. He looks forward to continuing his partnership with Compare My Move to “maintain and grow” his business.

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