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Clockwork Removals Case Study

A partner for over a decade, Clockwork Removals has grown as a business. Compare My Move has contributed to the growth that has allowed them to expand their team.

We caught up with Marketing Manager, Holly, to learn more about their growth.

Who are Clockwork Removals?

Clockwork Removals are a nationwide removals company with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Working across England and Scotland, they’ve helped thousands of customers with their removal and storage needs. They are proud members of the British Association of Removers (BAR) and offer local, national, and international removal services.

Starting with the North and South London branches, we are partnered with eight of their branches across the UK. Their large team of move coordinators and operatives allows them to tailor their services for each customer.

Clockwork Removals

What challenges did they face?

The biggest challenge Clockwork Removals faced was finding a lead generator that met their needs. They wanted a lead generator that would consistently perform well across all of their branches.

When they trialled Compare My Move, they found that we provided them with only consistent and quality leads. Following the success of the London branches, more of their nationwide branches joined our partnership.

“We’ve always used you, which is a testament to how good you are”.

Holly Lowe, Marketing Manager of Clockwork Removals

What made Compare My Move stand out?

The high volume of customers we provide them with stood out the most compared to other lead generators.

When asked about our customer service, Holly states that “Compare My Move is always really helpful. Always quick and prompt”. Having stayed with us for over 10 years, she elaborates, saying “...we’ve always used you, which is a testament to how good you are”.

What features do they like?

Clockwork Removals really enjoy using our latest feature, the Lead Manager. “It’s a user-friendly platform and easy to navigate”. By letting them pause and activate their leads whenever they want, the Lead Manager has allowed them to run their business more efficiently.

They really make the most of the information we provide on the leads. Holly explained that “having the provided details of bedroom numbers and access makes the calls a lot easier and more efficient”. Our high-quality and detailed leads mean they can provide the customer with a tailored service.

Grow your business

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What growth have they seen?

Our leads have contributed to Clockwork Removals’ expansion, allowing them to open multiple branches across the UK. Holly explains that we’ve helped them to “continue to get business and drive forward”. Having numerous branches on our network also means they benefit from a large amount of UK coverage when leads come in.

With a current conversion rate between 7% and 10%, Holly notes that the leads that convert are high value. They aim to make £10 for every £1 spent.

Holly praises Compare My Move’s consistency saying that “we always know we’re going to have a source of leads coming in”. It is this consistency that has allowed Clockwork Removals to “hire more staff and grow the business”.

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