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6th Jan 2022 6 minute read

Moving house can be a very expensive and chaotic process. There are so many different factors and costs to consider that it can often feel overwhelming - add to this a global pandemic and the stress can feel immense. However, for Compare My Move user Mary, it would not deter her from moving closer to her beloved family. Realising her moving date would be planned right after a national lockdown, Mary soon had to look further afield to find the right professionals for the job.

Many homeowners across the UK look to downsize their property every year. After her beautiful grandchildren were born, Mary sought to be closer to her new family and so started the hunt for the perfect cosy property to call home. “I moved from a larger house to a small house because I'm a widow,” Mary explained, “and I moved nearer to my son, who lives close by to where I am now.” Whilst this resulted in a small move of only 8-miles, the national COVID-19 lockdowns were sure to complicate things.

Whilst the buying process was long, Mary’s moving date was planned for March 2021. Not only would this mean that many removal companies would be experiencing high demand due to the relaxing of social distancing regulations, but the introduction of the temporary stamp duty holiday saw hundreds of buyers rushing to meet the deadline, planning their house moves at the same time.

“I moved [after] lockdown, so there was a huge demand on movers at the time,” Mary told us. “I have to say I did try a couple of local companies for us just by telephone but they hadn't any availability. So then I went on the comparison sites.”

Mary continued by explaining that, for her, comparison sites were a crucial part of finding any type of professional. “I use comparison websites for quite a lot of things like electricity, gas, etc. So I just did it with Compare My Move too.” She laughed before stating, “I've just been comparing car park prices for the airport, actually. ”

After completing a simple online form, Mary was connected with 3 verified removal partners who would soon contact her to provide a quote. “I was choosing between 2 on the site,” she explained, “and the second person was more expensive, but he had offered me free waiting time if there was a delay with the keys, which I found was useful. So then I went back to the first guy...and then I said to him that I had got a quote, including some free waiting times. So he matched that as well!” One of the reasons Compare My Move is so unique as a service is that we do not quote our users, our partners do, meaning it’s much easier for users to negotiate and receive an accurate figure.

Before confirming her choice, Mary worked with the removal team to complete a home removal survey that would help assess the volume of items being moved. “[They] did a video call of the house with me. That was very helpful, you know, to see where everything was and what was going where...that was all very, very useful.”

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Mary got on well with the team and explained how interacting with the members affected her decision. “The man I spoke to, the manager, was very persuasive and he offered to give me some discount…[he] did the Zoom call around the house and was really, really persuasive and very, very thorough. So I think he's the main reason I went with those guys.”

The friendly and expert team that Mary chose to work with was Compare My Move partner, Sunlight Removals. Sunlight Removals partnered with us in March 2015 and have since achieved a superb 5-star rating - it’s no wonder that Mary was so keen to work with the company. “The reviews were all good and they were very useful,” she explained.

Based in London, the team strive to provide quality removal services and ensure their specialised training is applied to every house move. They have dozens of insightful, glowing reviews from users, all of which can be seen on their personal partner profile.

“I was amazed at how quick they were - a couple of hours or less and they had everything packed and ready to go. I didn't have a huge amount of furniture to move because I had got rid of a lot because I was downsizing. But they were very efficient.”

Despite the increase in jobs from the stamp duty holiday, Mary was able to work with the team at Sunlight Removals to book a moving date that perfectly suited her schedule. But whilst she waited for that day to arrive, Mary had another challenge to face: downsizing her home and its contents.

As she was moving from a large 3-bedroom Victorian house to a small terraced home, there was a lot to get done and a lot more to get rid of. “We'd raised a family there and there was an awful lot of, not valuable, but sentimental stuff and getting rid of that prior to the move was probably the most difficult bit of the whole thing.”

On top of all the personal items, Mary also had an extensive book collection that needed protecting before the move. Luckily, Sunlight Removals were able to help. “We packed that up and it was all okay... Some of it was in very big boxes and they moved it without any problem. Then we had a lot of it packed in smaller boxes that were easier for them to move. But no, they had no problems, they didn't object to taking anything.”

Mary was incredibly pleased with the added help, stating, “They were very efficient. The lead guy who came to the house, there were 2 other guys with him, he definitely made them work very hard and they had the whole house packed up in absolute record time.”

Before she knew it, Mary’s moving day had finally arrived and the team were loading up the removal van and preparing for the journey. “I was amazed at how quick they were, a couple of hours or less and they had everything packed and ready to go. I didn't have a huge amount of furniture to move because I had got rid of a lot of old furniture because I was downsizing. But they were very efficient!”

When recalling the events, Mary laughed saying, “The only problem I had was they actually arrived too early. So they were so efficient, they got to the new house way before the keys were due to be given to me.”

Located closer to her family and with a more appropriate size, the new house was perfect. “The previous home was a Victorian house. It was a large 3-bedroom Victorian property and this is just a small end of terrace - 3-bed again, but small...and it's got a tiny courtyard garden.”

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Mary continued, “Where I’m living now is closer to the river and so there are nice walks around it and there's a lot of light in this house. The older property had less light, it was quite dark, so I like that. I mean, I miss the space and everything else, but it's only myself with my son in and out with the grandchildren a lot. This is plenty, definitely the size for me.”

Compare My Move has helped many happy movers over the years, connecting them with the most experienced professionals in the industry. All you have to do is complete our simple online form and we will match you with experts in conveyancing, surveying or removals, whatever services you require. Find the best-discounted deals like Mary did and ensure you have a stress-free and efficient moving day.