A Discounted Downsize With Compare My Move

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6th Jan 2022 5 minute read

When Mary decided to downsize and move closer to her son and grandchildren, she needed to find the right company for the job. Realising her moving date would be planned right after a national lockdown, Mary soon had to look further afield to find the right professionals. That's where Compare My Move came in.

Searching for a removal company

At the time Mary was looking to move in her new home during March 2021, many removal companies were experiencing high demand due to the relaxing of social distancing regulations and the stamp duty holiday.

After months of house moves being delayed, the lifting of lockdown saw a surge in the use of removal companies. Nevertheless, Compare My Move has over 500 removal partners across the UK and were able to match Mary with the ideal company.

“I tried a couple of local companies but they didn't have any availability. That's when I went on comparison sites and found Compare My Move."

How did you find Compare My Move?

For Mary, using comparison sites are a crucial part of finding any type of professional - and finding the right team for her house was no exception.

Her first step was to go on Google and start searching for a range of removal-based queries and questions. Luckily for her Compare My Move have already answered all the questions and queries that you could have about the removal process.

In no time at all, she found Compare My Move and was on her way to getting matched with the best company in her area.

“I use comparison websites for quite a lot of things, so I just did it with Compare My Move too."

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Getting matched with companies

Our easy to use website allowed Mary to quickly find exactly what she needed. After completing our simple online form, Mary was connected with 3 verified removal partners who would soon contact her to provide quotes.

One of the reasons Compare My Move is so unique as a service is that we do not quote our users, our partners do. What's more, they are competing to provide customers with the best price, meaning our users get the best deal and service possible.

“I was choosing between two - one was more expensive, but had offered me free waiting time if there was a delay with the keys. I spoke with the other and he matched that as well!"

How did you decide which partner to use?

Mary was matched with three companies in her area. Although customers can be safe in the knowledge that each of our partners are trusted, verified and insured, our company partner pages make it easier to find the right company for you.

These pages showcase the services each company offers, photos, videos and most importantly, independent customer reviews. Mary found these to be an essential part of her decision making.

“The reviews were all good and they were very useful."

The next stage in Mary's decision process was to book in a home survey with the companies so they can asses the size of the job and provide the most accurate quote.

“They video called me to see where everything was and what was going where...that was all very, very useful."

After the surveys, Mary was extremely impressed with Sunlight Removals and decided to choose them out of the three removal companies she matched with.

Having partnered with us in March 2015, Sunlight Removals have since earned a 5-star rating, so it’s no wonder that Mary was so keen to work with them!

“I spoke to the manager, he offered to give me some discount and was very, very thorough. I think he's the main reason I went with them."

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Save up to 70% on Removal Costs

How did Sunlight Removals help?

Before she knew it, Mary's moving day had arrived. Despite the increase in demand for home moves, Sunlight Removals managed to book a moving date that perfectly suited Mary's schedule.

One of the challenges of the move was that Mary had an extensive book collection that needed protecting before being transported to her new home. Luckily, Sunlight Removals were able to help.

Like many of our partners, they offered a packing service in addition to home moves, something Mary was able to select on the form at the start of her moving journey.

“I was amazed at how quick they were - a couple of hours or less and they had everything packed and ready to go."

Overall Mary was delighted with the move and how quickly the team had the house packed and her belongings transported to her new home. This took away a lot of stress on the day, allowing Mary to focus on settling into her new home.

“They had no problems, they didn't object to taking anything. They were very efficient and had the whole house packed up in record time"

Compare Removal Company Costs

Save up to 70% on Removal Costs

Were there any issues?

Thanks to Compare My Move and Sunlight Removals, Mary was able to have a stress-free moving day without issue. When recalling the events, Mary laughed saying;

“The only problem I had was they actually arrived too early. They were so efficient, they got to the new house before the keys were due to be given to me."

How Can Compare My Move Help You?

Compare My Move has helped thousands of happy movers over the years saving both time and money on their move.

If you're like Mary and have been looking for a removal company in your area, we can match you with up to 6 verified removal companies. All of our partners have Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances, so you know your possesions are protected in transit.

Click here to start comparing removal companies now.

Removals isn't the only way we help our users. We can help you save money at every point of your moving journey when you compare RICS registered surveyors, SRA or CLC regulated conveyancers for buying or selling, or trusted storage providers.

Additionally, we can guide you through the buying, selling or moving process with our expert advice and research. Whether you are at the start of the journey, the middle or the end, we have a range of articles to help you in our advice centre.