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We are specialists in international removals...

Whether you are relocating for work or for pleasure, moving abroad is an exciting time. However, the logistics of packing up everything and moving it hundreds of miles to a foreign country can often seem a daunting task.

The most important thing you’re going to need to do is to hire a removal company you can trust. We have partnered with the UK’s best international moving companies to help you save time and money on your move overseas. Our network of partners delivers to every corner of the world, operating in more than 100 countries across the globe.

Save on your international removal costs...

Moving abroad can be costly but Compare My Move can help you find the cheapest company for your international move, saving you time, stress and money. Although your removal costs will vary depending on the country you’re moving to and the volume of your belongings, Compare My Move users save up to 70% on their moving day costs.

Depending on your new location, international shipping can cost anything from £1,500 to £15,000 upwards. Our quick two-minute form makes it easy to find the best quotes for your move, saving you from plenty of stress along the way.


Are you moving to Europe?

Moving to Europe with Compare My Move is quick and easy. Many of our international removals partners have regular routes through France, Spain and other parts of Europe.

When it comes to European removals, there are a number of solutions to get your possessions there on time. The most popular method offered by our removal companies is by dedicated removal, a personal service offering you the most flexibility.

A cheaper option offered by some of our partners is the shared-load service, allowing you to split the costs of moving house between you and another expat. If you don’t have too much to transport, many companies even offer single package delivery, giving you full control over the size of your move.


Or further afield?

Relocating further afield to places like Dubai, Australia or the USA can be a logistical nightmare without the help of a trusted and professional removal company. With shipping and air freights to consider, as well as the distance to take into account, hiring a professional is vital to ensure a successful move.

We are partnered with dozens of UK companies that specialise in moves like yours. Our international removal companies guide you through the entire process, and can even help you with visas, moving pets abroad, and more.

Every year, we help thousands of people move abroad to hundreds of locations across the world. Whichever continent you are moving to, our partners offer a range of services to meet every budget to the highest standard.


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Leigh Bills - 26 January 2017


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Shirley Ann Skelly - 19 January 2017


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Making the right shipping and air freight choice...

When moving abroad, it may take weeks for your belongings to arrive at your new location. In this time, it is vital that you are working with a trusted and verified removal company who will keep you informed on the journey of your belongings.

For large volumes, the cheapest option is shipping freight, although this can take up to six weeks for your possessions to reach the final destination. Air freight is a good solution if you need your shipment to arrive quickly but this comes at a higher cost.

Our removal companies will guide you through your options and help you make the correct decision to ensure that your personal belongings will reach their final destination safely.

Overseas finance and money transfer services...

Not only can we help you find the right international removal company, but we have partnered with Currencies Direct to offer great rates on money transfers. Take a look at how much you could save!

Our Moving Advice Centre can help you plan a stress-free move...

Take a look at our moving advice centre to make sure your move abroad is simple, straightforward, and stress-free. From guidelines on how to pack a box to picking the best removal company for the job, we're here to guide you through the whole process.