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Putting your personal belongings into storage before, during or after your move will help you in the long run. If you have a lot of large items that you’re not even certain you want to take with you, using self-storage will give you time to decide what to do with your belongings without worrying about moving house as well.

The flexibility of storage means you don’t have to rush to collect your items, leaving them in safe and secure units for as long as you want. Our article offers a detailed look at self storage costs so you know exactly what to expect for a range of time lengths and unit sizes.

We also take a look at preparing for storage and what you can and can't place into storage units. Our article on how to pack for self-storage is here to help you declutter, create an inventory and pack your belongings ready for storage.

Moving home and being in-between properties accounts for 17.9% of storage customers. Whether you're in-between homes or need to declutter before moving house, using self-storage can really help. We've created a guide on everything to do with moving house and storage.

This guide features everything you need to know about storage, from costs, packing to reasons you should use storage, we cover everything

  • 1. How Much Are Self Storage Prices in 2023?

    Self storage prices can vary depending on the size and location of the unit. In 2023, the average storage costs in the UK are £23.94 per square foot according to SSA’s (Self Storage Association) UK annual industry report.
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  • 2. How to Pack a Storage Unit

    Utilising a storage unit and knowing how to pack your items effectively, including what material to use, requires planning and foresight and is essential to keeping them safe and protected whilst in storage.
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  • 3. Self Storage Unit Sizes Explained

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  • 4. A Guide to Moving House Storage

    Whether you’ve sold your home and are waiting to move in, you want to declutter to appeal to buyers or want to save on your removal costs, using moving house storage can help save you time, money and stress on your move.
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  • 5. Furniture Storage

    Self-storage units can be an ideal short or long-term solution to storing your personal belongings and furniture. For more information, read Compare My Move's guide to storing furniture in self-storage.
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  • 6. Warehouse Storage

    Self-storage units come in a range of sizes but can also be used as a cost-effective alternative to commercial warehouses and warehouse space for rent.
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  • 7. Storage Lock Up Garages for Rent

    In need of a storage lock up or lock up garage to rent? A lock up garage rental is a type of storage unit that can be used to protect your items when moving house. They are typically equipped with steel doors and concrete walls to keep your valuables safe, clean and dry.
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  • 8. Temperature Controlled Storage Units

    Certain items may need extra protection from the elements and would benefit from being stored in a temperature controlled unit including vinyl records, antiques and artwork. However, everyday items will also fare better when stored in these units.
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  • 9. Short Term Storage

    The amount of time you rent a storage unit for will depend on your reasons for doing so, with moving house, divorce, death of a relative and home renovations among the most common reasons.
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  • 10. Removals and Storage

    Here are the top reviewed professional removals and storage companies in the UK chosen by our users. Here are the 10 best-rated removal and storage companies on our network. All companies are Professional and vetted.
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