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How it works

We’ll connect you with moving professionals to save you all the hard work. All you have to do is fill out our quick and easy form and compare quotes from verified professionals. Learn how it works below.

1. You complete our quick and easy form

You enter all the important details for the job into our form. This could include the address of your new place, the type of property survey you need and any important additional details.

You’ll also have to include your name and contact details so the companies can get in touch with you.

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2. You get matched with companies

When you submit the form, you’ll see up to 6 companies on your screen to choose from, depending on the service.

You’ll be able to view their profile pages where you can read reviews, learn more about the company and see any photos or videos of them in action.

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3. Companies reach out to you

You should hear back from companies within 2 working hours to discuss the details of the job further.

The companies will reach out to you via email and phone to provide tailored quotes for the job. You’ll have the chance to ask them any questions and make sure they’re right for the job.

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4. You choose a company

You can then take your pick on which company you want to choose. You can base this on price, reviews and the service they can provide.

We don’t filter reviews, so you can read impartial and unbiased feedback to help you decide.

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5. You can compare other services

If you need to, you can now compare quotes for other services to further help with your moving process.

We can get you connected with professional and verified conveyancers, surveyors, removals and storage companies.

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6. The job takes place

They should be in regular contact with you to arrange all the important steps for your move. All communication about the job should take place directly with the company at this point.

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7. We'll invite you to leave feedback

We’ll send an email invite so you can leave feedback. The review journey will be split into 3 simple steps. We’ll ask you to review the company you used, ask for the highest and lowest quote you received and ask for your feedback on Compare My Move.

Email invites will be sent at different times for different services and we may send a follow-up email if you haven’t left feedback.

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