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Moving House in Nottingham? Save Up To 70% On Your RICS Level 2 Survey

Looking for a property surveyor in the city of Nottingham? We’ve helped over 600 home buyers find a surveyor in the area over the last year.

With an average property price of £236,588, Nottingham has a range of different property types, most notably the Victorian terraced homes which line the streets of the city and surrounding areas.

A local Nottingham property surveyor will be able to provide you with an overview of the condition of the house, details of any building work required and vital information on issues such as Japanese Knotweed and Subsidence.

We can connect you with up to 6 RICS registered property surveyors, all who have gone through our strict verification process before joining us. This ensures that you will only be matched with the best residential property surveyors in Nottingham.

Our Nottingham Chartered Surveyors

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    FAQs About Surveying in Nottingham

    Compare My Move work hard to answer all the important questions when it comes to surveying in Nottingham. We found that the most popular survey type is a RICS Level 2 Survey, with 75% of Nottingham movers requiring one. 

    Our research also revealed that both Japanese Knotweed and Subsidence is a concern in Nottingham, so arranging a survey is paramount for your move to the area. 

    Compare My Move have researched the most popular survey type for our Nottingham users. The RICS Level 2 Survey was by far the most popular survey type, with 75% of users needing one for their house purchase. Both detached and semi-detached properties saw 29.09% of Nottingham movers needing a RICS Level 2 Survey.

    Only 25% of Nottingham movers needed a RICS Level 3 Survey, with most of these needing one for their terraced or detached property. If the house you’re buying has signs of cracking and damage and is an older property, then you’ll need a RICS Level 3 Survey to assess the condition and structure in-depth.

    Most of the time a RICS Level 2 Survey is most suited. If the property is fairly modern and doesn't show any signs of damage, a chartered surveyor will carry out a RICS Level 2 Survey.

    Popular Survey Types in Nottingham
    Popular Survey Types in Nottingham

    What Types of Historical Architecture Does Nottingham Have?

    Cities like Nottingham thrived during the Industrial Revolution, which transformed the landscape of the city and the areas around it. At this time, the population of the area grew, leading to an increase in the number of homes being built.

    Nottingham boasts 174 Conservation Areas and over 29,000 Grade I and Grade II listed buildings in the Nottinghamshire area. One protected heritage area of note is the Lace Market, a historic quarter-mile square which was the centre of the world’s lace industry during the years of the British Empire.

    Today it is home to a number of bars, restaurants, and shops, with a number of the surrounding historical buildings having been converted into modern apartments. Nottingham offers a range of historic housing, from grand Victorian and Edwardian homes, large manor houses and red-brick terraced housing to a selection of new-build properties and modern apartments.

    The city has types and sizes of properties to suit everyone - from large families to single professionals - and the architecture to appeal to all tastes.

    Architecture Overview From Listed Buildings to Sales of New Buildings
    Listed Buildings29,000
    Conservation Areas174
    New Build Sales*8
    Existing Property Sales*223

    *Based on data for 2023

    Is Subsidence an Issue in Nottingham?

    Subsidence occurs when there is a change in the condition of the ground where a property resides, causing the property to “sink” and resulting in structural changes such as cracks in walls or deeper problems in the foundations of the property.

    Subsidence is a serious concern for homeowners and is something that can be highlighted by arranging a survey. A map of subsidence in the UK by Geobear shows that subsidence is a concern for the city of Nottingham.

    Cities are especially susceptible to subsidence due to increased weight and pressure on the ground from a high volume of buildings in a condensed area. Another cause is groundwater in the area being used up, causing the soil to dry out and compact.

    Your surveyor will be able to report on whether subsidence is a concern for the property you are looking to purchase. A RICS Level 3 Survey will provide pictures of any damage and the best course of action. This will allow you to make an informed decision on the property prior to purchase.

    Nottingham subsidence map taken from Geobear's website
    Nottingham subsidence map taken from Geobear's website

    Is Japanese Knotweed a Concern in Nottingham?

    Japanese Knotweed is a destructive plant which grows rampantly mostly along railways, waterways, parks and in gardens and is notoriously difficult to treat and contain. Initially introduced to the UK in the 1840s as an ornamental plant, today Japanese Knotweed can reduce the value of a property by up to 10% if found on the premises.

    Furthermore, mortgage lenders have been known to not approve a loan for a property plagued with the plant as its strong root system can damage the foundations and walls of properties.

    The city of Nottingham is the worst affected area in Nottinghamshire according to Environet’s Japanese Knotweed heatmap, showing 220 infestations with a 4km radius. The surrounding areas are also prone to the plant, so it’s well worth arranging for a survey on a Nottingham property prior to purchase.

    A surveyor will be able to tell you if Japanese Knotweed is present on the land of the property you are looking to buy, or if it is on nearby or neighbouring land which may cause an issue later down the line.

    Nottingham Japanese Knotweed heatmap taken from Environet website
    Nottingham Japanese Knotweed heatmap taken from Environet website