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Do House Clearance Companies Pay You?

Ashleigh Williams

Written by

13th Jun 2023 (Last updated on 6th Jul 2023) 5 minute read

If you need to clear your home or get rid of general rubbish, household clearance companies can help. They can also provide assistance with clearing a loved one’s home during your bereavement process.

House clearance companies are professionally trained in waste removal and disposal. They provide an understanding service for people that may be struggling with a hoarding disorder.

In this article, we will be discussing whether household companies will pay you for any valuables found, or whether you will need to pay them.

  1. Can You Get Paid for House Clearance?
  2. How Does the Payment Process Work?
  3. When Would a House Clearance Company Pay You?
  4. What if House Clearance Costs More than the Valuables?
  5. House Clearance Costs
  6. Find a House Clearance Company

Can You Get Paid for House Clearance?

In some instances, house clearance companies will pay you instead of you paying them. This is reliant on whether the clearance company accepts valuables in the home as a form of payment.

It will then only happen if the value of the goods within the property cost more than the service provided. If workers have found items of value, they will reimburse you for the money earned by selling them. You will be expected to cover the remaining payment if the valuables don’t cover the total cost of the services.

While some clearance companies are happy to sell goods for cash, others prefer to receive traditional payments. Companies that won’t sell items will expect you to remove valuables and antiques before the clearance day. It’s then up to the individual whether they want to sell or keep valuables.

How Does the Payment Process Work?

All trusted and reliable companies should visit the property in advance. This is to provide you with an estimated quote of how much their services will be.

From here, the company will do one of two things:

1. Ask for payment in full - they will then donate, recycle and throw away the goods left in the home.

2. Use valuable items as payment - the company will take any earnings received off the cash paid for the house clearance.

The payment process for house clearance services varies depending on the chosen company and their individual process.

Compare & Save on Your House Clearance

Save up to 70% off house clearance costs

When Would a House Clearance Company Pay You?

If the valuables are worth more than the cost of the clearance service, the company should then pay you back the difference.

If you are aware of specific items of value in a home, it can be worthwhile looking into selling these items yourself. You will then know that you have received the true resale value of the item, and no disputes will arise.

What if House Clearance Costs More than the Valuables?

If the house clearance costs more than the valuables found in the property, you will need to pay the difference in the costs.

Larger items such as beds, furniture, and fridge freezers will cost the clearance company more money than smaller items to dispose of.

If the profit made from selling unwanted valuables doesn’t offset these removal costs, you will need to be prepared to pay the difference.

This is why it’s important to receive an accurate quote for the clearance service in advance so you are aware of what you may be expected to pay.

Compare & Save on Your House Clearance

Save up to 70% off house clearance costs

House Clearance Costs

The average cost of a house clearance in the UK is between £325 and £595. However, the overall cost will change based on whether you're looking for a small or large clearance service.

House clearance costs will vary depending on the size of the property, the work involved and the volume of the items. The total costs cover aspects such as:

  • Staff members
  • Van costs
  • Waste disposal
  • Packing services (if required)
  • Time and labour it takes to complete the clearance

If the property is difficult to access, or you’re based in a more remote location, services can cost more due to the added difficulty involved.

Here is a breakdown of the average house clearance costs based on size:

SizeVolume (of Luton van)Cost (£)

Small Clearance

½ van load or 500kg


Medium Clearance

¾ van load or 750kg


Large Clearance

A full van load or 1,000kg


While some house clearance companies will provide you with a fixed price, others will supply you with an estimated quote. This is because the costs may change on the day if the job requires more attention than initially expected.

Find a House Clearance Company

If you’re looking to hire the help of a house clearance company, here at Compare My Move we can help. We can place you in contact with up to 6 house clearance companies in your local area.

Simply fill out our house clearance form to be placed in contact with our trusted and verified partners. Each partner has passed our strict verification process. They have Public Liability insurance along with a waste clearance license.

Compare & Save on Your House Clearance

Save up to 70% off house clearance costs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who pays who for a house clearance?

Who pays for a house clearance will depend on the individual circumstance. If the house is being cleared after a loved one has passed away, it’s the duty of the next of kin or the executor of the will.

If you’re looking to hire a clearance company for your own goods, you will need to cover the cost.

Landlords can pass on clearance charges to the current or previous tenants if waste or goods are left without permission. If landlords are looking to remove things from their rental property, such as carpets or furniture, they will need to pay for the cost of this.

What does house clearance include?

House clearance covers many things depending on the individual’s needs. Here are the most common things a house clearance service will include:

  • Clearance of household waste (including garden waste, unwanted items, sheds and garage clearance)
  • Rubbish clearance (including waste items)
  • Selling unwanted and old items at an auction house or an antique dealership. (Including old furniture, antique furniture and any items of value)
  • Donating any remaining items to charity shops and local recycling centres
  • All house clearances are carried out responsibly, which helps to avoid fly-tipping

House clearance service won’t include the removal of any hazardous waste. Certain items can be taken away by your local authority or council. This will need to be arranged separately from the house clearance service.

This is typically a free collection. You can use the Gov.UK website to check if your local council offer this service.

Ashleigh Williams

Having written book reviews and content for For The Love of Books for over five years, Ashleigh now creates advice articles for Compare My Move, focusing on all things home-related.

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