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All you have to do is enter your details into our online form and we’ll connect you with up to 6 verified providers in Liverpool. It’s just that simple. The resulting partners will then contact you over the following few days to discuss your requirements and provide you with a detailed quote. Rest assured, every partner that enters the network is verified by us and reviewed by you. They also use state-of-the-art security systems and alarms as well as CCTV.

The storage companies you are matched with will need to speak to you about your specific needs and requirements, such as the type of unit required and the length of time you will be renting it. Our partners will then present you with a quote to help you compare prices and ensure you find the best services for your specific circumstances.

The quote will not include the delivery of the goods being stored unless discussed with the selected storage partner. Many companies will offer delivery services, so for this to be included in the price, make sure you discuss this service during initial contact.

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    FAQs About Storage in Liverpool

    To help you find the highest quality storage solutions, our team has done all the hard work and research for you. According to our data, the average size of a storage unit in Liverpool is 75-100 sq ft.

    Our team also discovered that Friday is the most popular day for arranging storage in Liverpool, whilst July is the most popular month.

    How much does container and self-storage cost in Liverpool?

    Most famous for Liverpool F.C, Liverpool is the tenth-largest English district with an estimated population of 498,042. Liverpool’s metropolitan area is even larger, with a population of 2.24 million. With all these people in one area, it’s not surprising to see the demand for self-storage soar each year.

    According to Octagon Capital, the average annual cost for a 50 sq ft storage unit in Liverpool is £958. This figure is fairly high and is actually 10% more than the nationwide average cost which was calculated at £868. This isn’t too surprising as many major cities see an increase in storage prices due to their high populations. You can rent a container in Liverpool for around £2 plus VAT a day. According to Blue Box Storage, a 50 sq ft container costs around £140 per month in the UK.

    Don’t forget to compare storage quotes as early as possible to ensure you find the best deals available in Liverpool. However, factors such as the specific type of unit required and the facility's exact location in the city will greatly affect the final price presented.

    To learn more, read how much does self-storage cost?

    Cost of Storage in Liverpool
    Cost of Storage in Liverpool

    Container storage in Liverpool

    Self-storage units come in varying sizes and are located within secure buildings owned by the provider. However, container storage means you'll be renting large metal containers in remote locations. They are typically outdoors, making them more susceptible to extreme weather conditions.

    Whilst many are concerned that the containers are outdoors, container storage is very secure as the units can only be accessed by staff members and verified clients. Each facility has active CCTV and state-of-the-art alarms to protect the units.

    The cost of your storage container will vary depending on your location and the size of the container. But, depending on the company, there may be deals available when purchasing larger units.

    Moving house storage in Liverpool

    With so many factors to consider, it’s understandable why so many homeowners believe moving house to be a stressful process. Renting additional space can be an ideal solution to ensure the process is more efficient and hassle-free. You can simply store your items inside a safe and clean unit, where they can then be protected until the moving day is complete and you have the time to decide where they should go. It may even save you money on packing materials.

    Container and self-storage may be especially beneficial for our Liverpool movers as the city has such a high population, that storing items may be a way to secure removal slots without having to rush your packing or decluttering. No matter what the requirements, we can connect you with up to 6 verified and trusted storage companies who offer quality storage solutions across the city.

    It doesn’t matter what services you require, it’s always recommended that you compare quotes before finalising your decision. Compare storage quotes with Compare My Move as early as possible to ensure you’re matched with the best in the business.

    To learn more, read our guide to moving house and self-storage.

    Business storage in Liverpool

    According to the Office of National Statistics, the Liverpool City Region has over 42,615 active enterprises as of 2019, with approximately 517,618 employees. At the end of 2020, the number of new businesses grew by 9.2%. With so many new companies and such high demand for storage, the need for commercial space in Liverpool is increasing every year.

    Whether you require archive storage or a traditional, private unit, self-storage could be the ideal solution when looking to expand your business. Our storage partners offer flexible and cost-effective services with a variety of unit types to choose from. Rest assured, each facility is constantly monitored by CCTV and is equipped with the latest alarms and security systems.

    If you have larger items or machinery to store, then container storage will be the better option when searching for commercial storage.

    To learn more, read our guide to business self-storage units.

    Student storage in Liverpool

    There are 5 universities located in Liverpool, 2 of which are now considered world-class universities and both have featured in the QS World University Rankings. With roughly 70,000 students living in the city, it is definitely an area of the UK that attracts students and young professionals alike.

    A lot of student accommodations in major cities are flats, increasing the need for storage space, especially between term times. Many students will leave their belongings behind during the holidays, returning home with only a small percentage of their possessions. Student storage is an ideal way to ensure your goods are completely protected whilst you leave campus. Every unit will have state-of-the-art security systems and active CCTV.

    You should have access to your unit at all times, with you being the only keyholder for added peace of mine. Make sure you compare storage quotes in Liverpool to help you find the best deals for you and your requirements.

    To learn more, read our guide on student-self storage.

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