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Are you planning a move to Italy? Compare My Move will compare the costs of up to 6 international removal specialists and could save you 70% off the cost of your relocation to Italy. Italy is a cultural hotspot and Brits have been flocking there for years. 

There are currently around 26,000 UK Expats living in Italy with Milan, Rome, Florence and Naples being the most sought after areas to live in Italy.

Removals to Italy require expert skills and knowledge. Compare My Move are here to help you in finding the right international removal company

We only work with trusted and verified international removal specialists and with us, you’ll get up to 6 free, no-obligation quotes from nearby companies.


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How to Transport Items to Italy

There are a few options for getting all of your personal effects to Italy. Moving to Italy from the UK is a straightforward task for a professional company that specialises in European moves. They will aid you in selecting road/rail freight, sea freight or airfreight.

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Shipping to Italy

The main shipping port in Italy is Rome. From there, your removal company can transport your goods to anywhere in the country. Whether it’s to the bustling city of Madrid or the quaint town of Tuscany. 

The cost of shipping items will rest on the size of the container and whether you opt for a dedicated or shared consignment. In very loose terms, the cost of sea freight containers can be:

20ft Container -  £980 - £1,090

40ft Container - £1,850 - £2,060

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Road Freight to Italy

Road and rail freight options may be suitable when relocating to Italy. Your chosen mover will discuss the package options available to you. 

Often, a door to door service is the most simple and convenient. 

This will involve having your home packed up in the UK and your goods delivered to your new home in Italy on an agreed date.

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Air Freight o Italy

A convenient and fast option for transporting some or all of your personal effects to Italy from the UK. 

It is worth remembering that quick transport and a convenient service will come at a higher price point. 

In general, airfreight isn’t the most recommended method when emigrating to Italy.

Customs and Legalities...

Income tax in Italy is to be paid by expats who reside there. If you have lived in Italy for more than 183 days consecutively then you are required to pay tax on your entire income whereas, for the first 183 days, you will only need to pay income tax on your earnings in Italy. 

Personal effects and furniture shouldn’t incur import duties but you will need to provide passport copies, and an inventory of all items you are bringing (in Italian). You will have to pay duty on anything not listed.

You must apply to your nearest Commune-Ufficio Anagrafe (Town Hall) if you plan to stay and you will need a Certificato de Residenza (Certificate of Residence). 

After 4 years, EU Nationals can apply for residency and non-EU citizens can apply after 10 years. For Italian health care, you will need to apply to your local ‘Azienda Unita Sanitaria Locale’

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Things To Consider Abroad

Other things you need to know before you move to Italy.

  • Your UK state pension is payable in Italy. If you have worked in Italy, you can apply for an Italian pension as well 
  • To open a bank account in Italy, you will need to go in person with proof of ID and residence 
  • Get used to later dinners. It’s rare to eat dinner before 8 pm in Italy.
  • Air kisses are the general greeting for men and women in Italy

Need help with your money transfers?

Compare My Move are teamed up with Currencies Direct to add even more value to our service. If you need to turn your pounds into Euros ahead of your move to Italy then you’re in the right place.

Currencies Direct make money transfers simple and it allows you to avoid the cost involved in using your bank. There are plenty of benefits of doing this when you are relocating to Italy:

  • Save Time - Send money via card or bank transfer and the money will be converted and sent to your Italian Bank Account the same day.
  • Expert Advice – You will be able to talk to the experts over the phone before agreeing on an exchange rate.
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  • So Simple – You can make your payment by debit card via telephone or online or you can opt to use a bank transfer method.