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Shipping To Australia Costs

Shipping containers are the most recommended freight service to Australia. The main shipping ports are in Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney. The entire contents of a regular sized 2 or 3-bedroom house will usually fit into a 20ft shipping container. 

A larger home may require a 40ft container or if you are transporting a full house load as well as a vehicle then a 40ft container will be suitable. 

If you are only moving some of your furniture then your removal company are likely to suggest a grouped container where you will share container space with others who are shipping to the same place as you.

The final price will depend on where you are headed, east or west coast, and on the freight option and removals package you choose. The estimated shipping costs to Australia are:

20ft Container -  £2,500 - £2,800

40ft Container – £4,750 - £5,300

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Air Freight Options & Costs

Air Freight will be a good option for a few items that you need immediately when you move to Australia but it is an expensive service so it isn’t recommended for full house moves. 

Air freight costs are determined on the weight of the cargo and as it is a long journey, the cost can be considerably higher than a sea freight consignment. 

As an estimate of the cost, an Air Freight Service from the UK to Sydney, Australia is charged at around £2.50 per Kilo. This could mean that an average 4 bedroom house load can cost:

£7000 - £11000

Estimated Shipping Times

The time it takes to ship your household items and personal effects from the UK to Australia is dependable on the freight option you choose. If you will be using a dedicated/sole container then it may dispatch sooner than if you were to use a shared/grouped container. 

When you are using a grouped container, you may need to wait for an available slot and the dates will need to work for those you are sharing with. Once the carrier ship has set off, it will take approximately 29-34 days

Timing 4
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Tax Requirements & Other Legalities

There are two residence status that you must understand as an expat living in Australia, ‘Foreign Resident’ and ‘Australian Resident for Tax Purposes’. Once you have lived in Australia for 6 months or more, you will be considered an Australian Resident for Tax Purposes. Seek advice as soon as you have moved to Australia as all Australian Residents are to file tax returns.

Be aware that the visa process can take up to 6-8 months so get that started in plenty of time before your move.

Imported personal goods and household items must be your own property that you have owned before moving to Australia. Your items will be subject to Australian Bio-security Control and a comprehensive packing list will be required by the Australian authorities. Your removal company will advise of any additional fees that are likely to be incurred upon arrival.

Things To Consider Abroad

Other things you need to know...

  • Popular expat locations in Australia include Perth, Sydney and Melbourne
  • You can work while you are waiting for your tax file number which can take up to 2-3 weeks
  • It’s really hot! Sunscreen is an absolute must
  • ‘How are you going?’ means ‘How are you?’
  • Arvo means afternoon 
  • Dingoes don’t actually eat babies!

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