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Moving to America from the UK is a huge leap. You will need to focus your energy on what you will do once you have moved to America so you’ll want the removal to be simple and straightforward. 

Compare My Move will match you with up to 6 international removal firms to help you do just this. Whether you’re headed to New York, San Francisco, LA or Dallas, wherever you need to be, we will find you the best price and an unbeatable service.

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Shipping Costs to the USA

It is likely that a sea freight option will be recommended to you when you are relocating to the USA. The removal company you are working with will be able to explain the entire process to you as well as the package types they can offer you. You will have the option of a shared or dedicated shipping container for your belongings. 

An average sized 2 or 3-bedroom home will usually fit into a 20ft shipping container. If you have a large home with 4-5 bedrooms or if you will be transporting your car as well then, a 40ft container may be needed. If you do not require a full house move then a shared container will be recommended.

The overall price is dependent on where you will be shipping, which coast you will be using, the size of the shipping container and whether you will be using a grouped or sole container. In general, the cost can be around:

20ft Container -  £1,700 - £1,850

40ft Container – £3,140 - £3,500

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Air Freight Options to the USA

If there are smaller items that you need immediately, your removal company may arrange an air freight service but this will depend on availability. They wouldn’t ordinarily suggest this service to you if you are planning a full house move. 

Air Freight Services are available all across the America with the most popular Airports being in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

This service will be a lot quicker but it will, therefore, be at a premium price. The cost is worked out relating to weight so when moving large volumes, sea freight is a more suitable method for most. 

As an estimate of the cost, an Air Freight Service from London to New York is around £2.00 per Kilo. This could mean that an average 4 bedroom house load can cost:

£4000 - £7000

Estimated Shipping Times

Shipping times are fairly quick. Your items could arrive in as little as 2 weeks, depending largely on whether it’s a sole container or a grouped consignment and on whether it’s going to the East or West Coast. 

  • A dedicated container travelling to the East Coast takes an estimated 2 weeks
  • A dedicated container travelling to the West Coast takes an estimated 4 weeks
  • A shared container travelling to the East Coast takes an estimated 11 weeks
  • A shared container travelling to the West Coast takes an estimated 14 weeks
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Tax Requirements & Other Legalities in the USA

Once you have moved to America, you will have to pay income tax to the Federal Government and to your local State. US permanent residents and citizens are required to pay tax on all of their worldwide earnings. You are also expected to file your own tax return. 

Your International Removal Firm will provide the necessary customs forms for you to fill out and you must also provide a complete inventory of items to US Customs.

When importing household and personal effects, you will need to fill out a CF6059B Customs Form and a CF3299 Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles. Shipping Containers arriving in the United States will be examined by US customs.

Things To Consider Abroad

Other things you need to know before you move to the USA.

  • America is enormous! Texas alone is bigger than the UK
  • You will come to love Thanksgiving
  • You don’t need to carry cash, all payments are made with card or phone
  • Remember to tip! It’s customary to always tip between 10 and 25%
  • You will need to apply for Health Insurance

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