Guide to Buying a House

About this guide

Buying a house can seem daunting, especially if it’s your first, but if you’re prepared it will be a lot easier. From doing your initial research to learning what happens on completion day, every stage is just as vital as the next. We’ve created an in-depth buying guide to ensure you’re familiar with each step of the house-buying process.

When you’re buying a house, unexpected costs will crop up. Many people are unaware of hidden costs and forget to factor these into their budget. It costs £33,070 to buy a home based on the average UK house price of £277,000. Throughout our buying guide, we explore the true costs of buying a house, from the typical upfront fees to the on-going costs, we cover everything for you to budget realistically. 

By having all the important information in one place, with a focus on the house buying process, the cost of buying, the time it takes to buy a house and choosing an area to live, you will be fully prepared. After reading through the complete guide, we hope you’ll feel confident about what to expect when buying a house.