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How Much Are House Clearance Costs?

Nicola Ryan

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1st Jan 2024 (Last updated on 14th Mar 2024) 8 minute read

The average cost of a house clearance is between £325 and £595 ranging from small to large clearances. The total amount you will have to pay depends on various factors, including the clearance size and inventory.

Large items such as heavy furniture and appliances will equate to a higher cost than smaller electrical goods. It is helpful that you look into professional companies to assist with your clearance.

In this guide, we’ve gathered various house clearance costs based on the size of the clearance as well as costs for specific items.

  1. Average UK House Clearance Costs
  2. Cost of Additional Items
  3. What Else Will I Get Charged For?
  4. What are Quotes Based On?
  5. What to Look for When Getting Quotes
  6. Can I Earn Money From My Items?
  7. How Much Does the Council Charge to Clear a House?
  8. Find House Clearance Providers

Average UK House Clearance Costs

If you require a full house clearance, most companies will charge their services based on the overall size and weight of the items.

Here are the average house clearance costs based on size:

SizeVolume (of Luton van)Cost (£)
Small½ van load or 500kg£325
Medium¾ van load or 750kg£400
LargeA full van load or 1,000kg£595

*average cost data taken from Check a Trade

Cost of Additional Items

If the clearance is small, companies may offer individual pricing for certain items. Here are the average prices for additional items:

ItemCost (£)
Large Fridge Freezer£106
Small Fridge or Freezer£60
Small Electrical Items (e.g. kettles, toasters, etc)£7.50

*average cost data taken from Check a Trade, Household Quotes, Home How, and Cullens Clearances

Compare & Save on Your House Clearance

Save up to 70% off house clearance costs

What Else Will I Get Charged For?

There are additional fees that house clearance specialists may charge. If these services are not included in the initial quote, it’s important to discuss this before clearance day. The following services may incur an extra cost:

Disposing or Recycling Certain Items

Items such as electrical goods must be disposed of or recycled according to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive. This is also known as WEEE. These regulations aim to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Unwanted clutter must be disposed of according to the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This ensures that any rubbish removal is done correctly at recycling centres.

Garage Clearance

Some companies may include garage clearance in their final cost. However, others may charge extra, especially if they are clearing the whole property. Garage clearing can be extremely consuming, especially if there is a lot of heavy waste.

Garden Clearance

If a garden needs to be cleaned, some house clearance companies can ensure that all waste and excess grass and shrubbery are removed. There will likely be an additional charge for this.

Some house clearance companies have gardening teams that use equipment and tools to clear garden waste.

Skip Hire

Skip hire may be required for full house clearances. The cost of the skip will depend on what kind of skip you need. There are two main types of skips which are standard skips and roll-on roll-off skips (known as RoRo skips).

RoRo skips are cheaper per yard than standard skips. They are suitable for clearances that include large appliances and heavy items of furniture. The downside is that they are extremely large, which can be a problem for properties in areas that are difficult to access.

Standard skips are much smaller, making them unsuitable for large clearances. They are also more expensive per yard. However, they can be placed in areas that are difficult to access since they are smaller.

Compare & Save on Your House Clearance

Save up to 70% off house clearance costs

What are Quotes Based On?

Clearance companies require details of the items and the property in order to calculate an accurate quote. This allows them to determine how many team members they will need for the clearance and the vehicle costs. They will be able to advise on whether you should hire a skip.

Here are some factors that impact house clearance prices:


Clearance companies will assess how easy the property is to access. This is important when dealing with larger clearances. If a skip is needed, it’s crucial that the property can be accessed to ensure that it can be cleared efficiently.

Restricted access means that extra measures may have to be taken. This can add a significant expense to your quote.


Companies are more likely to charge more in city locations such as London, Cardiff, or Edinburgh. This is due to the higher cost of living in these locations compared to smaller villages and towns.

Certain regions may have a lower average cost overall if the cost of living is less such as the North East.

Type of Items

The quote can be impacted greatly by the types of items that need clearing. Items that need to be recycled require more paperwork for waste disposal. Larger items will require more movers to handle. Having a thorough inventory to hand will allow the company to offer an accurate quote.

Smaller household items such as kettles and toasters will take up less space and therefore garner a cheaper quote. Some companies may even offer deals when handling clearances that include many smaller items.

There are items that need to be handled delicately such as antiques and pianos. Piano removals require professional equipment and can be a timely procedure. This means that clearance companies are likely to charge a premium due to the labour and time needed.

Volume of Items

The number of items is one of the major factors when calculating a quote. Larger clearances equate to a higher quote. This is because it will require a bigger clearance team and more vehicle space.

Large clearances that require skip hire will also garner a higher premium charge to cover the cost of the skip and its transportation.

Compare & Save on Your House Clearance

Save up to 70% off house clearance costs

What to Look for When Getting Quotes

Before you hire a clearance company, you should make sure that they are best for your needs and requirements. Here are some major factors that you should consider:

Local Authority License

It's crucial to check whether the company has approval from the local authority to conduct the clearance. This is important when dealing with hazardous waste. They should also have a VAT Registration Number.

Some clearance companies are members of the British Chamber of Commerce, although this is not a pre-requisite.

Public Liability Insurance

Always check that the clearance company is covered by Public Liability Insurance. This ensures you are covered if anything goes wrong. This includes if the property is damaged while the goods are being moved.

Public Liability expenses can increase the total price. However, it is important to consider that this will provide coverage and protection.

Waste Collection Registration Number

You should hire a company with a Waste Collection Registration Number, also known as a waste license. This means that you can be assured that the goods will be disposed of correctly. Companies that do not have a number should be evaded as they will not be licensed to carry out the clearance.

Quotes Aren’t Too Low or High

You should always choose a company that offers a fair price. Companies that undercharge come with a huge risk. They could be cheap house clearance cowboys who are contributing to fly-tipped waste. You want to make sure that your clearance company plans to dispose of your general waste in an environmentally-friendly way.

The best way to gauge how much house clearance companies are charging in your area is to use a comparison site. Compare My Move can connect you with companies operating in your area, allowing you to learn how much to expect when it comes to clearance costs.

Hidden Costs

Ask for a quote breakdown from your clearance company to prevent any hidden costs from arising further down the line. They will be able to provide an accurate cost based on what goods are being moved and how much extra services may add.

Make Sure They Can Take Your Items Before Paying

Having an accurate inventory to hand when talking to the clearance company can confirm whether they can dispose of the goods for you. Some clearance companies specialise in larger goods only while others may only take smaller goods.

Therefore, always check that they are able to clear all goods before sending any payment.

Compare & Save on Your House Clearance

Save up to 70% off house clearance costs

Can I Earn Money From My Items?

The majority of house clearance companies will sell any valuable goods and subtract the profit from the clearance cost. Often, it is more beneficial to sell the goods yourself as your clearance company may take a cut.

It is advised that any antiques are removed and sold separately before the house clearance company arrives. This means that you are getting as much as possible and protecting the valuables.

House clearance companies tend to sell items such as furniture. Electrical items are often donated to charity, depending on their condition.

For more information read: Do House Clearance Companies Pay You?

How Much Does the Council Charge to Clear a House?

On average, a council house clearance costs on average around £325-£595. The cost of a council house clearance will depend on where in the country you are located. Each council varies in what they offer and what they charge, with affluent areas and big cities often costing more.

Compare & Save on Your House Clearance

Save up to 70% off house clearance costs

Find House Clearance Providers

Compare My Move can connect you with up to 6 verified removal companies that can assist with your house clearance service. Simply fill out our house clearance comparison form and you can compare quotes and save up to 70% on your house clearance fees.

All our house clearance partners are covered by Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance. This means that they can be trusted to ensure that all belongings are removed efficiently and safely from the property.

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Written by Nicola Ryan

Nicola focusses on all things moving house at Compare My Move where she writes articles for the advice centre, guiding users through everything they need to know about moving house.

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