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Compare My Move work with verified and trusted storage companies all across the UK. Every partner is verified by us and reviewed by you. Please know that your belongings will be completely safe in our partners’ care as all of our self storage companies have the latest security systems and active CCTV.

Simply enter your details into our quick online form and we’ll match you with up to 6 reliable storage companies in Bristol. It’s just that easy. You will then be contacted by our partners over the next few days to ensure you receive an accurate quote that you can compare.

The companies you are connected with will discuss your specific requirements with you to ensure their services are exactly what you need. Factors such as the size of storage unit you need and how long you need it for will be vital. The storage companies will then provide you with a quote to help you compare prices and find the best services for you and your requirements.

It’s important to note that the delivery of goods being stored will not be included in the price. Some companies will offer transport or removal services so this should be discussed during initial contact.

Our Bristol Storage Companies

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    FAQs About Storage in Bristol

    We have done all the research for you, answering all the vital questions you have about self storage companies in Bristol. We found that the average size of a storage unit in the city is 75-100 sq ft.

    Our team also analysed our unique data and discovered that Friday is the most popular day for arranging storage in Bristol. January and September proved to be the most popular months. 

    How much does self-storage cost in Bristol?

    Bristol is an incredibly popular city for both tourists and movers alike. It’s most known for its vibrant music scene as well as its current and historical arts scene. The city continues to grow in popularity each year, with hundreds of movers and businesses looking for the perfect home.

    According to Octagon Capital, the average annual cost for a 50 sq ft storage unit in Bristol is £833. This figure is 4% less than the UK’s overall average storage cost which was calculated at £868. The majority of large UK cities will see an increase in storage prices due to their popularity. However, Bristol’s average is slightly lower compared to surrounding areas despite the high population. Factors such as the size of the unit required and the length of time renting will greatly affect the quote provided.

    Compare storage quotes as early as possible to help you save both time and money by being connected with a verified and dependable storage company. From student self-storage to commercial warehouses, it’s always recommended you compare quotes to ensure you find the best deals for you.

    To learn more, read How much does self-storage cost?

    Storage Costs in Bristol
    Storage Costs in Bristol

    What is the best time of year for storage in Bristol?

    After analysing our data, we discovered that both January and September are the most popular months for our storage users in Bristol, with 15.98% choosing each month. As summer is usually the busiest time for the removals industry, September will likely see the highest number of movers visiting their storage units. Now that the moving day is complete, many homeowners will choose September as the month to collect their items and begin delivering them to their new homes. However, users who chose to visit their units in January likely had other reasons.

    Some movers will choose January as the month they move house as it represents a fresh start by introducing a new year. Many homeowners also prefer renovating during January, again increasing the number of visitors to storage facilities. However, it is much more likely that self-storage users are visiting their units in January to store holiday decorations from the previous month. Students will also be returning to campus at this time after the holidays, again increasing demand.

    April proved to be the least popular month for our storage users, seeing only 4.14%. Whilst spring is typically busy for storage and removal companies, April and May will sometimes see a decrease in numbers as students prepare for exam season. This will reduce the need for travelling, thus potentially decreasing their storage usage.

    Popular Months For Storage in Bristol
    Popular Months For Storage in Bristol

    What is the best day of the week for storage in Bristol?

    Our team found that the most popular day of the week for our storage users in Bristol is Friday, with 28.99% of users choosing this day to transport items to their units. Our previous removals data shows that Friday is also the most popular day to move house in the UK, potentially increasing demand for self-storage units. Both Thursday and Saturday were revealed as close seconds, with 14.79% each.

    The weekend is a very popular time to travel, move house and just generally get organised as workers won’t be forced to take extra time off work. If you’re moving house or into student accommodation, the weekend provides you with extra time to pack up and safely move your possessions into storage. Businesses may also prefer the weekend to deliver items to their commercial units as it would not disrupt their current work.

    Sunday proved to be the least popular day for storage users in Bristol, with only 2.96% choosing this day. We discovered that this is also the least popular day to move house in the UK, a major factor that would impact the demand for self-storage. Some storage companies will also reduce their opening hours on Sundays, another factor that will deter users.

    Popular Days For Storage in Bristol
    Popular Days For Storage in Bristol

    Moving house storage in Bristol

    Moving house can be chaotic as you have to organise your possessions and determine exactly what you’re transporting and when. Renting additional space to safely store your items can be an ideal solution, ensuring a more efficient and stress-free moving process. It will also keep your removal costs down as you use less packing materials.

    Our Bristol movers may find our storage services very beneficial as you’ll be connected with the most trusted storage companies in the city. Whether you’re moving across the road or across the country, using self-storage solutions can be the perfect solution to securing additional space without having to throw out more of your belongings or rush the packing process before completion.

    It’s important to shop around no matter what service providers you are searching for. Compare storage quotes with Compare My Move to ensure you’re connected with the best and most trusted storage companies in your local area.

    To learn more, read our guide to moving house and self-storage.

    Business storage in Bristol

    Bristol has been a centre of trade since the early Middle Ages, with approximately 50,000 businesses currently trading. Whilst the type of industries and companies present have changed dramatically, it is still the largest city in the South West, attracting young professionals and businesses every year. With high demand and interest, the need for additional commercial space in the city is greatly increasing.

    From archive storage to traditional private units, self-storage is an ideal solution should you be looking to expand your business. Your furniture and belongings will be completely secure with our Bristol storage companies, with each facility equipped with constant CCTV and state-of-the-art alarm systems.

    To learn more, read our guide to business self-storage units.

    Student storage in Bristol

    With 2 world-class universities in the city, students now make up 8.3% of the population in Bristol. The University of Bristol alone saw approximately 27,375 students between 2019 and 2020. The city has an array of options for student accommodation, with all the local amenities and necessities right outside your doorstep.

    To save space and ensure a more efficient layout, many of the student homes in Bristol are flats, increasing the demand for self-storage in between term times. The majority of students will leave their campus during the holidays, returning home with only a fraction of their belongings. To ensure your possessions are secure, student self-storage solutions are ideal for providing peace of mind whilst you’re away.

    Rest assured, our storage companies will have clean, dry and completely secure units that are equipped with the latest security systems. You’ll have access to the unit at all times, with many providers offering flexible and affordable storage solutions. If you’re a student living in Bristol, make sure you compare storage quotes to ensure you find the most trusted and reliable providers in the business.

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