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Are you looking for the best surveyors in Birmingham for 2023?

Written 12th May 2023 (Last updated on 30th Nov 2023)

At Compare My Move, we work with some of the best surveyors operating across Birmingham. All of the surveyors we work with provide a high standard of service and are RICS-regulated and approved.

Partners that provide Party Wall and new-build Snagging Surveys can also be RPSA-approved. This helps to ensure the surveys provided are completed to the highest of standards.

Below we review the 10 best surveying partners in the Birmingham area, helping you to find the best surveyor for your property needs.

  1. Top 10 Best Property Surveyors
  2. How We Selected These Companies
  3. How to Find a Property Surveyor
Best Property Surveyors in Birmingham

RankingProperty Surveyor
1Countrywide Home Surveys
2Camsure Homes
3C&C Surveying
4Landview Surveyors
Spartan Home Surveyors Ltd

I AM Surveyors


Durham Hale Chartered Surveyors

SJH Surveying Services
Lock & Key Home Surveys

Top 10 Best Property Surveyors

Here are our top 10 surveyors in Birmingham for 2023 based on reviews:

1. Countrywide Home Surveys

Our top surveying partner for the Birmingham area, Countrywide Home Surveys, offers RICS Home Surveys. They have received over 70 5-star reviews since joining us in March 2022. They operate a trusted property surveying and valuation service in the UK. They use their industry knowledge and years of experience to carry out professional property inspections and detailed reports.

“Countrywide offered the best turnaround times and very competitive pricing. Survey was carried out 2 days from request and the report was emailed 24hs later which was excellent.” - David Snowdon

Countrywide Home Surveys

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2. Camsure Homes

Another top company serving Birmingham and the surrounding areas is Camsure Homes. They joined our surveying partner network in December 2018 and have since received over 65 5-star reviews from our users. They have over 30 years of experience in the industry and provide RICS Home Survey Level 2 and 3, Snagging Surveys and RICS Valuations.

“Friendly, polite, in-depth report and a courtesy call after made the whole experience stress-free and valuable to moving. Highly recommended.” - Sarah Green


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3. C&C Surveying

Also providing a first-class surveying service is C&C Surveying. They can provide RICS Level 2 and Level 3 surveyors, in addition to new build Snagging Surveys and RICS valuation reports. With over 50 5-star reviews since joining our network in August 2019. Customers have praised the team for their efficiency and friendliness. During their inspections, they look for hidden issues in the property, explaining their findings in a detailed and in-depth report.

“I had a great experience with C&C. Natalie was extremely helpful over the phone and offered a great deal on top of the quote for Level 2 Homebuyers Survey. The survey was booked in quickly and the report was supplied the very next working day, and contained excellent detail and photos.” - Mac Nguyen

C & C Surveying

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4. Landview Surveyors

Landview Surveyors also make our list of great surveyors serving customers throughout Birmingham. They can assist with Party Wall matters, in addition to Level 2 and Level 3 surveys. They also provide RICS Valuation reports for a range of circumstances. They proudly provide excellent customer service from start to finish. From thorough inspections to detailed and jargon-free reports, they can help you make an informed decision about your property purchase.

“Excellent customer service and follow-up. Report is sent timely and with detailed explanations. Would recommend them to everyone.” - Jay Yuen

Landview Surveyors

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5. Spartan Home Surveys Ltd.

Spartan Home Surveys Ltd. have also impressed Compare My Move’s users. Serving the Birmingham area, they have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Their customers have praised their friendly approach and effective service. Reviews have also highlighted their value for money. They offer RICS Home Survey Level 2 and Level 3, in addition to new build Snagging Surveys.

“Excellent, professional and friendly service, good value for money.” - Saad Sulaiman

Spartan Home Surveys Ltd

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6. I AM Surveyors

I AM Surveyors are also rated highly by our users in Birmingham. Joining our network in early 2020, they offer RICS Level 2 for homes in good condition and Level 3 for older properties. Working in the industry for over 25 years, their experienced surveyors undertake in-depth inspections, resulting in detailed reports. Customers have praised their professionalism, in addition to their timely work.

“Prompt and professional. They provided updates at every stage of the proceedings with an in-depth factual report in a timely manner.” -John Marshall

I am surveyors

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7. Surveywolf

Surveywolf is another great surveying firm serving the Birmingham area. They have years of experience in the industry, offering competitively priced services. They can provide RICS Valuations, Level 2 and Level 3 surveys, allowing you to make an informed decision on your property purchase. They can provide a professional level of service offered by larger companies, combined with a more personal service catered to specific requirements.

“Excellent work. Contacted the company on Thursday, performed the survey on Monday and received the report on Tuesday. Throughout the assignment, the company was easy to reach and quick to respond. Would definitely recommend.” - Adnan Fiaz


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8. Dunham Hale Chartered Surveyors

Also making our list of quality surveyors working in the Birmingham area is Dunham Hale Chartered Surveyors. They can provide a range of surveying services including new build Snagging Surveys, RICS Valuations and RICS Level 2 and Level 3 surveys. Their detailed reports can give you an idea of what work may be required on a property and whether it is a worthwhile investment.

“Great report, easy to read, good photos, great evidence.” - Stuart Grosse

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9. SJH Surveying Services

SJH Surveying Services also makes our list of fantastic surveying companies working across Birmingham. They are a firm of highly experienced surveyors, offering a range of services for customers. Depending on the type of property you are looking to buy, they can provide a RICS Level 2 or Level 3 survey. Their detailed inspections and thorough reports can help you make an educated decision on a property.

“Very informative kept you in the loop every step of the way. Speedy report after the survey. Thank you, would highly recommend.” - Christine Linney

SJH Surveying Service

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10. Lock & Key Home Surveys

Also proving themselves on our network with glowing 5-star reviews is Lock & Key Home Surveys. They provide surveying services across Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Their aim is to provide peace of mind for all customers when it comes to buying property. They offer RICS Level 2 surveys for homes in good condition and under 50 years old. They also offer Snagging Surveys for new build homes.

“Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish, great communication all the way through the process, thoroughly recommend this surveyor!” - Sue Reeves

lock and key

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How We Selected These Companies

We’ve reviewed the best surveying companies across Birmingham to bring you this list. These are the top surveyors who specialise in inspecting homes and providing detailed reports on their findings.

We have considered the companies with the most 5-star reviews and also the length of time they have been on our network.

The reviews for all of our partners are written by real Compare My Move users. Customers rate these companies based on their customer service, the time from the property inspection to report and the amount of detail in their reports. They will also consider overall value for money.

Every surveying partner must pass our strict verification process to join our surveying network This includes the following:

  • Professional Company Checks: Our new business team carries out professional checks when bringing companies on board. This is to ensure each company is legitimate and trustworthy.
  • Online Presence: All partners must have a working website or Facebook Business page. This must include the company’s contact number and up-to-date location details. Alternatively, we can accept RICS profiles.
  • Positive Company Reviews: Compare My Move checks previous reviews to ensure customers have been satisfied.
  • Qualifications and Certifications: Our surveying partners must provide proof they are RICS-approved. For Party Wall and Snagging Surveyors, we accept RPSA-regulated companies.
  • Code of Practice: All partners must follow Compare My Move’s code of conduct. This is monitored and enforced by our Partner Support Team.

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How to Find a Property Surveyor

At Compare My Move, we work with many highly rated surveyors in the Birmingham area.

By filling out our online surveying comparison form, we can match you with up to 6 surveyors in your local areas. By comparing Birmingham surveying companies with us, you could save up to 70% on your surveying costs.

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