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Need an expert to unpick the legal complexities of selling or buying a home? Want an independent conveyancer who will represent your best interests, but not sure where to look? Compare My Move make your search easy by bringing the best local conveyancers to you.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or both, you can save time and money by comparing conveyancers with Compare My Move. One quick form and you’ll be matched with up to 4 conveyancers from your area, so you can make an informed choice. 

We only work with the best conveyancers in the industry, ensuring all partners are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Law Society of Scotland, or the Law Society of Northern Ireland. For your peace of mind all of our partners must pass a stringent verification process before they join our network, and follow our Code of Conduct.

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Why do I need Conveyancing?

With the high prices and a competitive, fast-moving property market, there’s no room for error or delays when buying or selling a home in London. With so many aspects going into buying and selling a property in London, it’s important to have a professional conveyancer with local, expert knowledge to take care of any legal complexities.

Our network of conveyancers and property solicitors are true London specialists, and will guide you through the conveyancing process efficiently and professionally. Your conveyancer will deal with every legal aspects of the sale or purchase process, including making payments on your behalf such as Stamp Duty and exchanging contracts.

Why Do I Need Conveyancing
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Your conveyancer will also guide you through any London Help to Buy or similar schemes you may be using to get on the property ladder as a first time buyer. Both licensed conveyancers and property solicitors are professionally trained in property law, meaning the legal side of the process is in safe hands.

Purchasing a home in London will likely be one of the largest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. London has some of the most expensive property prices in the UK, with the average property now costing £482,241 (UK House Index September). With an investment so large, professional scrutiny is vital to ensure everything is watertight from a legal standing.

Licensed conveyancers are regulated by the CLC and property solicitors by the SRA. As a fully regulated profession you can expect the best service and professional conduct at all times.

Saving on Your London Conveyancing Costs?

With higher-than-average house prices in the capital, you may expect higher-than-average conveyancing costs. However, there is always scope for saving money on these services by comparing a range of conveyancers.

The costs you’ll face are made up of two main parts: the disbursement fees paid on your behalf, and the legal fees paid for your conveyancer’s services. Disbursements tend to be relative to your house price, but there’s scope to save on the legal fees by comparing conveyancers.

Saving On Conveyancing
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The disbursements are the fees paid on your behalf to third party, including Land Registry fees and local authority searches. These are usually relative to your house price or a fixed cost, so you can expect a similar disbursement price across different conveyancers.

Legal costs on the other hand will vary between conveyancers, so is the aspect you’ll save the most money on by comparing. Conveyancing fees vary between different licensed conveyancers and property solicitors, with some offering a fixed rate service.

The best tip is to be clear on what services you need from your conveyancer, as the more complex the service the more expensive it’ll be. As a regulated industry you should be able to request a full rundown of costs.

Conveyancing When Buying a Home in London

When buying a home in London your conveyancing solicitor will take care of all the legal work around the purchase. Your conveyancer will check over the contract sent by the seller’s solicitor, and perform a range of local authority and property searches to ensure there are no hidden liabilities connected to the property.

Your conveyancer will negotiate on your behalf, and will be the source of expert knowledge when it comes to buying a home in London. Setting the exchange day and completion day, your conveyancer will hold your deposit ahead of transfer on deposits for your purchase, arrange for the title deeds to be updated, and pay your stamp duty tax.

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London Conveyancing
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Conveyancing for First Time Buyers in London

With a range of London housing schemes in place to help first time buyers get on the ladder,  purchasing a London house can seem confusing.

Luckily, your conveyancer will advise you on whether the property is eligible for the different schemes such as London Help to Buy, and will deal with all resulting legal wrangling involved. For example, for first time buyer using the Help to Buy ISA, your conveyancer will arrange for the bonus to be paid on your behalf.

Your conveyancer will also advise you on any Stamp Duty relief you may be eligible for. With a huge knowledge of London property law, your conveyancer will explain all available options for you.

Conveyancing When Selling a Home in London

Your conveyancer will ensure all legal work involved in selling your home is watertight and correct. The seller’s conveyancer has the important job of drafting up the contract for the house sale, and to negotiate the deal on your behalf with the buyer’s solicitor.

You’ll need to instruct your conveyancer on what fittings will be included, and on dates of exchange and completion. Your conveyancer will also deal with any transaction of funds, and will arrange for the transfer of the deed to the buyer.

Your conveyancer’s expert knowledge on property law will ensure the sale is fully legal and compliant.

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