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Here at Compare My Move, we are ready to help you with your home move to France. France is a popular relocation spot for Brits. 

The French culture, the food and the laid-back way of life have proven appealing and even irresistible to British Expats over the years and Compare My Move help over 2000 people move abroad each year.  We will help you to compare up to 6 local/international removal companies that specialise in moving from the UK to France. 

If you’re looking for international movers to transport your belongings to France then you’ve come to the right place. Compare My Move can match you with up to 6 international moving companies in your area when you fill out our quick form. 

You’ll get competitive quotes from our extensive directory of trusted and verified partners. 


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How to Transport Items to France

Moving to France means transporting all of your worldly belongings to a different country. This is no simple task but for our professional moving companies, it is. When you choose a company, they will talk you through all of your options.

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Shipping To France

The most frequented method for transporting items to France is via sea freight. Naturally, there are a lot of variables when it comes to the price. You may require a full house move or just a few items. 

You may choose a dedicated service or opt for a shared service. As a loose estimate, shipping to France can cost anywhere in the region of:

20 ft Container -  £600 - £660

40 ft Container - £1,250 - £1,140

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Road Freight To France

Like most European Countries, France has a vast and plentiful road and rail network so a road or rail freight will be a popular choice. 

There are usually options to share a consignment with others moving to France or you can opt for a dedicated service and there is even a door to door option offered with most international removal companies.

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Air Freight To France

Air Freight isn’t always the best option for removals from UK to France because it can be an expensive affair. 

The price is usually worked out on the weight of the items so transporting large items such as furniture can be very costly. 

Customs and Legalities...

French Health Insurance is compulsory when living in France and you are, therefore legally obliged to have it. You will be required to register with CPAM (Basic Health Insurance) before using French Healthcare.

European citizens that move to France can work without a permit but you must remember to register with French Authorities within 3 months of Moving to France. 

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Things To Consider Abroad

Other things you need to know before you move to France.

  • To greet friends, it’s two 'air kisses'. Press your cheek to theirs but kiss the air
  • The law in France states that drivers are to carry a breathalyser
  • Try to learn the language -The French people appreciate the effort
  • You’ll enjoy a two-hour lunch break in France
  • The French don’t queue like the Brits
  • Say ‘Bon Matin’ in the morning, ‘Bonjour’ in the day and ‘Bon Soir’ in the evening

Need help with your money transfers?

Compare My Move are teamed up with Currencies Direct to add even more value to our service. If you need to turn your pounds into Euros ahead of your move to France, then you’re in the right place.

Currencies Direct make money transfers simple and the service allows you to avoid the cost involved in using your bank. There are plenty of benefits of doing this when you are relocating to France:

  • Save Time - Send money via card or bank transfer and Currencies Direct will convert and send your Euros to your French Bank Account the same day.
  • Expert Advice – You will be able to talk to the experts over the phone before agreeing on an exchange rate.
  • Better than the Banks – Currencies Direct will make your money stretch further with their bank-beating exchange rates.
  • So Simple – You can make your payment by debit card via telephone or online or you can opt to use a bank transfer method.