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Moving to New Zealand? Compare My Move is the place to find a reliable, international removal specialist. New Zealand is a sought-after location for immigrants with people flocking from all over the world to live in this vast and beautiful country. Relocating to such a far-off place will take careful planning and consideration. 

It is paramount that you hire a trusted service with specialist skills, knowledge and training to get your belongings across the water safely.

That’s what Compare My Move are here for. We will find you the best deal on your international removals. You will save up to 70% off the cost of your removals to New Zealand. Our international removal partners have gone through our strict verification process so you can rest easy knowing our guys will look after you.


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Shipping To New Zealand Costs

Your international removal company will recommend using shipping containers for your move to New Zealand. The service is the most cost-effective way to facilitate an international move. 

There are plenty of shipping ports in New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Lyttelton, Napier, Tauranga and Otago. 20ft and 40ft containers will be available and you can either choose a dedicated container for your goods or share a container with others to save even more on the cost. 

The cost of moving to New Zealand will depend on the service you choose with your removal company and on which coast of New Zealand you will be shipping to. There are variables but your removal company will be able to give you a reliable quote.

As a loose estimate, the average cost of shipping containers to New Zealand is:

20ft Container -  £2,600 - £2,900

40ft Container – £4,900 - £5,400

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Air Freight To New Zealand & Costs

An airfreight service is a valid option for a smaller cargo. If you are just moving a few items then this may be a reasonable choice for you. Your removals specialists will talk you through the pros and cons of an air freight. 

If there are items that you need immediately then it is helpful to send just a few essentials via air and then send the rest via sea. Sending an entire household to New Zealand via Air Freight is significantly more expensive than Sea Freight. 

As an estimate of the cost, an Air Freight Service from the UK to Wellington, New Zealand is charged at around £3.40 per Kilo. This could mean that an average 4 bedroom house load can cost:

£10000 - £15000

Estimated Shipping Times To New Zealand

It is best to book your removals in plenty of time before you are travelling to New Zealand yourself because, although shipping times are reasonably quick, it is an estimated 31-36 days at sea and there is sometimes a wait for an available slot, especially if you are using a shared container. 

Air freight is a speedier option with just a 1-3-day turnaround time but this is a more expensive option. 

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Tax Requirements & Other Legalities

If you spend more than 183 days in New Zealand in a year then you will be considered 'Resident for Tax Purposes' but when you first arrive, you may be considered a 'Transitional Tax Resident' which will give you some leeway on the tax you pay for worldwide earnings but all earnings in New Zealand will be subject to income tax.

As an Immigrant in New Zealand, you won’t need to pay duty on household items but you will need to prove your 'right to residence' to import household goods. You will also need either a 'New Zealand Residence Visa', a 'New Zealand Work Visa' or a 'New Zealand Visitors Visa' (3 years).

Things To Consider Abroad

Other things you need to know...

  • You will be entitled to public healthcare in New Zealand if you have a permanent residency permit or a work permit
  • You can use your UK driving licence for the first 12 months in New Zealand and then switch to a New Zealand driving licence
  • It’s important to understand and respect Maori culture in New Zealand
  • New Zealanders raise their eyebrows as a way of saying a casual hello
  • Learn the rules of Rugby, it’s popular in New Zealand and is always a conversation starter
  • Use the’ New Zealand Ready’ Tool on the NZ Immigration page to prepare for your move

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