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Used by over 1 million movers in the UK
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The Netherlands is a popular destination for Brits. There are approximately 86,000 thousand British citizens moving over. The Netherlands has some beautiful locations such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Delft.

Moving to the Netherlands is possible for all budgets because it is accessible by land, sea, and air. It has many ports and airports and an extensive road and rail network. This means that you need to take time to decide which international removals company is best for you.

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Compare and save netherlands

Which Shipping Option Do You Need?

The Netherlands is relatively close to the UK geographically. This means that there are many shipping options to choose from.

There may be delays and additional checks due to COVID-19 regulations and Brexit.

Here are the shipping options that you can choose from:

  • Shipping Freight
  • Road Freight
  • Part-Load
  • Air Freight

You can choose one option or a combination of options when shipping furniture overseas.


Shipping options netherlands
Shipping freight netherlands

Sea Freight

Sea freight can take the same amount of time as air freight due to how close the Netherlands is to the UK. On average, it takes between 1 and 3 days for goods to arrive by sea.

The Netherlands is home to five main ports. These are: Port of Rotterdam, Port of Amsterdam, Port of Moerdijk, Zeeland Seaports, and Groningen Seaports. The Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and the 10th largest port in the world. This makes it the busiest port in the Netherlands.

Sea freight allows you to choose how much or how little to ship. This is because you can decide what size shipping container to store your goods in.

There are only five ports in the Netherlands. This means that you may have to travel to collect your goods or pay additional costs to have them delivered if you live far away.


Road Freight

The Netherlands has an extensive road and rail network that are available 24 hours a day. This is the most affordable option for those on a strict budget. On average, road freight takes approximately 1 or 2 days for full load and 3 to 4 days for groupage shipping.

There are different routes available from the UK to the Netherlands. A popular choice is loading a truck onto a ferry to the Netherlands and the truck will then drive to your home. Another common route is loading a truck on a ferry to France. When it has arrived in France, the truck will travel through France and Belgium to get to the Netherlands.

Road freight is often subject to traffic jams and poor weather conditions. This means there may be delays. This is because the Netherlands has a dense road and rail network that is one of the busiest in the world.


Road freight netherlands
Part load netherlands


For those who don’t own a lot of belongings, you may wish to consider part-load for your removals to the Netherlands. Part-load means you are assigned a portion of a container or truck. The rest of the space is taken up by other people's belongings.

This option can be applied to any mode of transport. It is a popular choice for students studying abroad and those moving from a smaller home.

The downside is that part-load is the slowest option. It can take up to a week for your goods to arrive. This depends on what mode of transport you choose.


Air Freight

The most expensive option is air freight. There are five airports in the Netherlands. The busiest airport in the Netherlands is Schipol Airport which is in Amsterdam.

Air freight is the quickest and most efficient choice as it takes between 1 and 3 days. This depends on the specific location and how many goods you are transporting. For those who need their goods shipped urgently, this is the best option for you.

As mentioned, the downside to air freight is the expense. Compared to other freight options, air freight is significantly higher.


Air freight netherlands
Cost of moving furniture netherlands

Cost of Shipping Furniture to the Netherlands

The average cost of shipping a 20 ft container to the Netherlands is £768. Shipping a 40 ft container costs an average of £1,248. The total cost of furniture removals is dependent on what kind of freight option you choose and how many goods you need to ship.

Here are the average shipping container rates for removals to the Netherlands:

Container SizeCost (£)
20 ft Container£768
40 ft Container£1,248

Always be as safe as possible when packing and moving heavy furniture to prevent injury.


What Documentation Do I Need?

You need to have the correct documentation when moving to the Netherlands. Due to Brexit and COVID-19 regulations, there are changes to the entry requirements.

  • You will need to ensure that you have the following:
  • A passport issued less than 10 years before your departure
  • A return or onward ticket, depending on the length of your stay
  • Enough money to subsidise your stay

COVID-19 Regulations

The UK government states that you can enter the Netherlands without a negative test. There are other entry requirements in place that depend on your vaccination status.

Those who are fully vaccinated can enter the Netherlands for non-essential reasons. If you are not fully vaccinated, you can enter the Netherlands for one of the following:

  • Partners of UK nationals who hold a Netherlands residence permit.
  • Those attending a close family member's funeral or have a family member who is terminally ill.
  • Grandparents who are visiting their newborn grandchildren.
  • Divorced parents visiting children who are minors.

Visas and Permits

The Netherlands is a Schengen country. This means that those moving to the Netherlands for up to 90 days will need a Schengen visa.

For those looking to move to the Netherlands for a longer period of time, you will need to apply for a machtiging tot voorlopig verblijf (MVV). This translates to an authorisation for temporary stay. It is the main residence permit for non-EU nationals.


Documentation netherlands

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