How we collect feedback

We believe that everybody deserves the chance to have their say when it comes to their moving experience. That’s why we collect feedback for your experience with both Compare My Move and the individual company you used.

Our review journey is made up of 3 simple steps:

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We ask you to review the company you used

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We ask for the highest and lowest quote you were given

Star 3

We ask you to review your experience with Compare My Move

If you leave a review directly with the company's partner page, we will only ask you for feedback on the company used.

When will I be asked for feedback?

Depending on the service you used, once you’ve completed your move or the form, you’ll be invited via email to leave your feedback. We understand it’s a busy time for you, so we may send a follow-up invite a few weeks later.

Alternatively, you can go directly to the company’s partner page and leave a review that way.

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What will I be asked to review?

When rating the company you used, you will be asked to rate your experience on a scale of 1-5 stars for the following areas:

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Customer service

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Value for money


Moving day

You can also add more information about your experience if you wish as there will be an option for additional comments.

How else do you collect feedback?

We run a Happy Movers feature where users who’ve left a 5-star review of a partner are invited to share their moving story with us. The aim is to give future customers an insight into the partner used and how our service helped the user.

You can view these stories on company profile pages and they will provide an in-depth look at how the company handled the move. You can also see all Happy Movers stories on our website and on social media.

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Where are reviews shown?

All companies have their own unique page where their reviews are shown. These will be unfiltered so you can browse through the reviews to learn more about the company before you choose. Compare My Move reviews are also shown on our website.

These reviews are monitored regularly as we take great pride in working with only the very best removal companies in the country. If any company is not performing to the high standards we expect, they’ll be removed from our network.

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Are all reviews published?

Compare My Move reserves the right to not publish any feedback that we deem as irrelevant, unhelpful, abusive or non-informative. We may also decide to edit your review if any of your comments fall outside of our guidelines.

If we edit your review or we decide that your review cannot be published for any of these reasons, you are welcome to request an explanation by contacting us.

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Are reviews published instantly?

Reviews do not get published immediately as they have to be checked. Each and every review is checked by our team to ensure they are genuine reviews from real customers who’ve used our website.

We place great importance on checking reviews to stop the spread of false information. Carrying out these checks means you’re reading real reviews from real customers, allowing you to get the full picture.

Once they’ve been given the green light, they will be published on the company’s partner page and our website.

If reviewing the company you used, they’ll be notified that they have received a review and they will be given the chance to respond.

If your review for your chosen company is a concern for us, there may be a further delay in putting your comments live whilst our team liaise with the removal company in question.

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What if I don't receive my feedback request email?

You can always leave feedback directly on a partner's profile page, but if for any reason you do not receive your feedback request email, drop us an email at or give us a call on 02920 660143. We’ll be happy to send the review request email.