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Moving to Germany requires careful planning and consideration and, above all else, you are going to need a reliable international removal company. 

You are exactly where you need to be. Compare My Move will match you with up to 6 International Removal Companies so you can compare the cost and save up to 70% on your German Removals. Germany is the 4th most popular British Expat location and with the great health care, the stable politics and Oktoberfest, is it any wonder why?

Choosing a company to carry out your European move is of the utmost importance. We aim to find you the very best deal with our directory of verified movers. The great thing about finding your removal company with us is that we have done all the checks for you. 

We only work with trusted and fully insured movers. Use our simple, time-saving online form and you will receive competitive quotes for the job.


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How to Transport Items to Germany

Your chosen removal company will assess the volume of your items during a free home survey and advise on the recommended freight options to Germany.

Germany is not short of options for shipping/transporting items. Your Removals Company will help determine which is the best moving option for you.

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Shipping Freight To Germany

As each European Removal Service is bespoke to the customer’s needs, it is difficult to offer an accurate estimate for the cost of shipping items to Germany. The cost is worked out depending on space, the size of the home and size of the container. 

For an average 2-3 bedroom home, a 20 ft container should be ample. For a larger home or if you wish to ship a car as well, then a 40 ft container may be more suitable. Containers to Germany can cost in the region of:

20ft Container -  £980 - £1,090

40ft Container - £1,850 - £2,060

This is a broad estimate; your international removal company will offer an accurate quote.

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Road Freight To Germany

The European movers may suggest using the Euro Tunnel and sending your things overland to complete the move by road. 

The road network in Germany is a vast as it is efficient so there are several possible routes to wherever in Germany you are planning to move.

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Air Freight To Germany

Major airports in Germany are not hard to come by. There are airports in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf and Cologne to name just a few. 

It is, therefore, relatively easy to use an airfreight service but it can be expensive as the price will be worked out on weight rather than space and there are often added fees such as handling and insurance fees.

Customs and Legalities...

You won’t be taxed on personal items that you’ve owned for more than 6 months but you must remember to declare items worth more than €10,000 and you could be taxed on items you are bringing to Germany for professional use

EU citizens don’t need a visa or permit to live or work in Germany whereas, Non-EU residents will be required to apply for a visa. 

You are required by law to register with the local Einwohnermeldeamt (registry office) and you need to apply for Healthcare Insurance. There are two sectors of healthcare in Germany, public and private.

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Things To Consider Abroad

Other things you need to know before you move to Germany...

  • You don’t need to swap your UK driving licence for a German driving licence
  • Make sure you put your name on your post box or the postman might not deliver your mail
  • Your UK pension can be received in Germany
  • Learning German is a must
  • To greet people, shake hands with everyone, including children

Need help with your money transfers?

Compare My Move are teamed up with Currencies Direct to add even more value to our service. If you need to turn your pounds into Euros ahead of your move to Germany, then you’re in the right place.

Currencies Direct make money transfers simple and allows you to avoid the cost involved in using your bank. There are plenty of benefits of doing this when you are relocating to Germany:

  • Save Time - Send money via card or bank transfer and Currencies Direct will convert and send your Euros to your German Bank Account the same day.
  • Expert Advice – You will be able to talk to the experts over the phone before agreeing on an exchange rate.
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  • So Simple – You can make your payment by debit card via telephone or online or you can opt to use a bank transfer method.