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We work with verified and reviewed storage companies all across the UK, comparing and connecting you with professional companies in London to help with your storage needs.

Rest assured, your belongings will be safe and secure as all our providers are verified by us and reviewed by you. When you enter your details in our quick and easy form, we match you with up to 6 local storage companies in London so you can compare quotes, saving you time, money and stress on your storage needs.

The companies you match with will reach out to you to discuss your specific requirements such as the size of unit and how long you need it for, and then discuss a quote. You then choose who you want to pick as your self storage company based on your requirements and budget. By getting up to 6 quotes, you’re ensuring you’re getting the best deal for your storage unit in London.

It should be noted that Compare My Move will connect you with storage companies to give a quote for just the storage unit, which doesn’t include the price of the delivery of the items. Some companies may offer removals as well as storage so this should be discussed on initial contact.

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    FAQs About Storage in London

    We've studied our data to reveal storage trends in London. 

    We can reveal the average unit size needed in the city is 75-100 sq ft and the best time of year to use storage is January and September. 

    Saturday proves to be the most popular day for using storage, making sense as Friday is the UK's best time to move house.

    How much does self-storage cost in London?

    London properties notoriously lack space and come with a high price tag for those wanting more room. Whether you’re moving to the city for work, hanging around in the capital after University or your business is overflowing with stock, self-storage is the answer.

    The average cost of a self-storage unit in London is £33.06, according to SSA’s UK Industry Report. London is the most expensive area in the UK for storage units as demand is high. This is a common trend with big cities, the closer you get to the centre, the more expensive prices go.

    Storage units are in demand in London, which reflect its high price. To get the best deal for your storage costs, it’s important to compare storage companies in London through Compare My Move, saving time, money and stress. Whether you’re moving abroad for a year or in-between flats, save the hassle of getting rid of your belongings with our safe and secure storage companies near you.

    To learn more, read how much does self storage cost.

    What is the best time of year for storage in London?

    Our data shows that September and January are the best times of year to place items in storage in London, with 14.57% of people choosing these months. August is a popular time for a house move in London, so it would make sense that Londoners might need to use storage if they’ve moved to a small property.

    The new year was also a popular time for people using storage. With the Christmas period just gone, it’s likely that many people are decluttering for a fresh start or placing their Christmas decorations into storage. January also sees the beginning of a new university term, with many London students requiring self-storage, especially if they’re moving between flats.

    April was a quiet period for the storage industry in the area, with just 5.57% of people putting items into self-storage. With businesses in full swing and peak exam season, there is not a demand for storage at this time.

    Popular Months For Storage in London
    Popular Months For Storage in London

    What is the best day of the week for storage in London?

    Saturday is the best day of the week to put items into storage in London, seeing 22.73% of our customers using storage then. Our data shows that Friday is the most popular time for a house move across the UK and in London, so this makes sense that many movers need to store items the day after their move. Friday is another busy day for storage, with a further 19.51% of people choosing this on the day of their move.

    Although most storage units offer access at most times, Sunday proves to be the least popular day for putting items into storage in London. Sunday is also the UK’s least favourite day for a house move, so we can see why storage is in low demand on this day. With Sunday being a quiet day in general and businesses usually closed for the weekend, there’s no surprise it’s not popular.

    Popular Days For Storage in London
    Popular Days For Storage in London

    Moving house storage in London

    We understand the stresses of moving house, especially if you’ve already sold your home or your lease has come to an end. That in-between period can cause panic, especially if you’re downsizing or moving further afield.

    The property market in London is made up mainly of small flats, meaning many people are on the hunt for extra space without paying a premium. Using self-storage units is a great way to create space in your home without getting rid of prized possessions. Our data shows that the average customer in London requires between 75 and 100 sq ft of storage space, ideal for contents of a 2-bed house.

    Putting your items into self-storage, even if it’s temporary, will help save you money on removal costs. You won't have to rush to make a decision on your furniture either, as the flexibility of storage means you can leave your items for as little as a week, or long-term if needed.

    To learn more, read our guide to moving house and self storage.

    Business storage in London

    The City of London alone is home to over 24,000 businesses, with many of those opening up second or even third offices. Whether you’re a long-established business or you’re just setting up a new company and looking for extra space, self-storage for business is an ideal way to save time, money and stress.

    Rest assured, whether you’re storing additional stock, office desks or even private documents, your belongings will be safe and secure with our storage companies. Putting your items into storage offers a flexible and affordable approach to help your business grow.

    To learn more, read our guide to business self-storage units.

    Student storage in London

    London is home to the most universities in any UK city, many of which are world-class. With Imperial College London ranking the 8th best university in the world, there is a wealth of exciting opportunities for education in the city.

    If you’re studying in the capital, but your student flat is short on space, putting your items in storage will help. Many students leave their accommodation for weeks at a time during term holidays, unfortunately putting your items at risk. With self-storage, you can rest assured knowing your belongings are secure and safe, with access to them at any time. Student storage can be perfect for those moving into halls, storing items between terms or when moving into a new student house.

    Self-storage is flexible, offering solutions for single items or whole bedrooms. With many providers offering short and long-term solutions, self-storage can really benefit students in London.

    To learn more, read our guide on student-self storage.