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How Much Are The Average House Removal Company Costs?

In 2024, the average removal company costs for a 3-bedroom house travelling 50 miles are £806. It will cost £1,181 with packing and furniture dismantling services added.

Removal costs will vary and will depend on the distance travelled, the volume of items, the location and the services you require. In this guide, we share a detailed breakdown of the removal costs you can expect.

Example of average UK house removal costs 2024

Below provides a breakdown of the average UK house removal costs for a 3-bedroom house travelling 50 miles. It includes costs for the removal company, packing and a furniture dismantle service.


loading and unloading

875 cubic feet, 3 bed house


packing materials

30 large boxes


dismantling and reassembling furniture

3 double beds


total cost combined

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Removal costs by size of property

Removals quotes will vary depending on the volume of items you're taking with you. Below are the average removal costs for different sized properties moving 50 miles.

1 bedroom house:

£356 removals

£606 with packing

2 bedroom house:

£576 removals

£826 with packing

3 bedroom house:

£806 removals

£1,056 with packing

4 bedroom house:

£1,056 removals

£1,306 with packing

Data is taken from our Cost of Moving House Calculator

Removal costs by location

Location plays a part in the cost of your removals. Below are the average removal costs as well as average highs and lows across cities in the UK taken from Compare My Move's unique data.

removal costs by location

Our users save an average of £700 on their move

Verified and Trusted Moving Companies

Used by over 1 million movers in the UK

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Removal costs by distance

Removal costs are based on distance travelled, so the further distance you move, the more you will pay.

Our data shows that some UK companies charge an hourly rate. Others break down costs on a mile-by-mile basis.

Prices based on vehicle moving at an average speed of 60 mph. These costs are averages and may differ to prices provided by our partners.
Distance travelled£25 p/h + £0.50 per mile£1 per mile

50 miles



100 miles



200 miles



300 miles



500 miles



How are costs calculated?

Certain factors will affect how much you pay for your removals. These will be addressed during your pre-move survey to cut hidden extra costs.


Volume of items

The more items you’re taking with you, the higher the quote will be. Always check with your furniture removals company what services they offer before agreeing. On average, for a 4 bedroom house travelling 150 miles, it’ll cost £1,168 without additional services.


Distance travelled

Our data shows some companies charge £25 per hour plus £0.50 per mile covered. Others charge £1 for each mile that’s covered during your move.



House removals in big cities will cost more than in smaller towns. You can expect to pay more for your move the closer to London you get.


Additional services

For an extra cost, movers and packers will offer a range of helpful removal services. These could include packing, furniture dismantling or storage services. If you’re happy with the service provided, you may want to tip the removal company. If you're after an office relocation service, you're move will cost significantly more.


Special items

Some removal companies will offer specialist services for fragile items like antiques. This can be discussed during the pre-move survey.


Move date

The day and month you move will affect your quote. Tuesday is the UK’s most expensive day to move, while Sunday is the cheapest. Summer is a popular time for a move so might see prices hike.


Access to property

If on moving day access to your property is blocked, you will face additional costs or even a cancelled move.

Our users save an average of £700 on their move

Verified and Trusted Moving Companies

Used by over 1 million movers in the UK

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Facts that can increase costs

There might be extra costs added on moving day, usually from situations out of your control. To accommodate these, some removal firms may add extra to their hourly rate while others may add a fixed fee on top.

Sections 1

Access to property

Some removal companies may charge extra if they have difficulty gaining access to your property. If you live in a top-floor flat without a lift, your removal company will face difficulties. Your removal company will assess how close they can get to your property as part of your home survey.

Key 1

Waiting for keys

If you are part of a property chain, you may have to wait for the keys. Your removal company might charge you each hour they wait. Unfortunately, this is something that you can’t avoid.

Thumb down 1

Underestimated volume of items

Make sure your volume estimates are accurate. If you’ve guessed the volume of items, expect to pay an extra cost on the day. To avoid this extra cost, make sure the removal company does a home survey to assess the number of items.

How does a pre-move survey help?

A pre-move survey will help the removal company understand how to prepare for your move. It will be able to tell them and you the following:

The volume of items that need moving

What items you want packing

Any furniture you need dismantling

How many removal vans you need

How many staff are needed for the job

Assess any restrictions to the property

Tips to keep removal costs down

There are certain things you can do to keep your removal costs down:

Declutter before packing

Decluttering your belongings means you’ll be taking fewer items to your new home. This will help you to save money on packing and moving costs.

Opt to pack yourself

If you self-pack for your move, you’d save a significant amount of money on a packing service. It should be noted that you run the risk of damaging your items if you don’t use a professional packing service.

Compare removal quotes

If you go with the first removal quote you receive, you could be paying more than you should be. It is important to compare removal companies as it allows you to get a range of quotes from different companies so you can take your pick.

Book in advance

Booking your removal company will not only avoid disappointment, but it can help you save money too. You’ll also be able to save over time for your move instead of forking out last minute.

Avoid peak seasons

Avoiding a move during a busy time in your area can help you keep your removal costs down.

Use free packing material

Making the most of free packing material will help you save money. Using towels and bedsheets to wrap delicate items is an efficient way to use what you have.

Our users save an average of £700 on their move

Verified and Trusted Moving Companies

Used by over 1 million movers in the UK

compare now

Why do some quotes seem cheap?

We’re always wary of removal quotes that seem too expensive, but it’s vital to question a quote that seems too cheap too. If your quote appears too good to be true, then it probably is missing some important costs.

They don’t have insurance

Removal companies should have both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances. Often if a quote seems too cheap, it means that the removal company won’t be protecting you if something was to break.

Services aren’t included

The quote might only include the cost for the removal itself and not packing. This should be discussed before during the pre-move survey to get an accurate quote.

No pre-move survey

If the company didn’t offer a pre-move survey, they won’t be able to accurately provide a quote for the move. This could result in extra charges at the end of the move.

They are ‘man and van’

A 'man and van' service might not be able to fulfill your specific moving requirements. Discuss your requirements beforehand to make sure they can carry out the move.

Wrong volume of items

If your quote seems too cheap, the company might have got the volume of items incorrect. It’s always worth comparing quotes to spot this mistake.

Additional removal services

Below we list the costs for the most popular removal services.

Packing costs


3-bedroom house

includes 30 large boxes and labour costs

Most removal companies offer a self, part or full packing services to help you with the move. If you opt for a self-pack service, they can provide you with packing materials for the move. A part and full packing service will include packing, loading and unloading at the new house for the items you require.

The cost of packing will depend on how many items you’re taking with you. So the fewer packing boxes, the cheaper the move.

Furniture removal costs


dismantle and reassemble 3-double beds

Many removal companies will offer a service that dismantles and reassembles furniture. You can dismantle furniture yourself, but if you’re not experienced it may cause extra work for you. If you require this service, you should let your removal company know and they can assess this during the pre-move survey.

Fragile packing service


Varies depending on value of item

You will need a removal company that has experience transporting special care items. This is to ensure the highest standard of protection to your fragile items.

Labour costs will be higher when packing and moving high-value or fragile items. The cost will be based on the level of protection they need and the cost of hiring specialist equipment.

For more information read: White Glove Delivery Explained

Self-storage costs

Self-storage costs

per square foot for UK storage

Many people use storage for moving house as it's an ideal way to tackle the move in stages, especially if you're in between homes. The cost of your storage will depend on how long you need it for and the unit size.

International moves

If you’re moving internationally, you can expect your move to cost more. Our data shows that the average international removal costs for a 3-bedroom house move are as follows:


40ft shipping container


Air freight per 100kg


Road freight per pallet

Amazing. Helpful and professional. Would recommend to anyone.

Jacqui Morris

How much will it cost to do it myself?

To hire a Ford Transit 350 ELWB Jumbo from Cardiff to Bristol will cost you roughly £124.30 for the day. It holds up to 3500 kg and doesn’t include the cost of your packing boxes and materials. It won't include a removal expert to help with your move.

Whilst it may seem like a cheaper option, using a removal company will save you time, money and stress. Removal companies are highly experienced, aiming to complete your move quickly and safely.

Average price of van hire taken from a Hertz quote.

How are UK movers saving money?

We spoke to some of the UK movers we’ve helped save money on their move. They share their best tips for booking a stress-free move.

Book a mid-week move

The weekends are usually the most popular time to move, so moving during a week day can help to save money. “Clockwork Removals did a good [home removal] survey and suggested that if we moved mid-week, it would be cheaper, which made more sense to us.” - John Banner

Make sure they include the important extras

If the removal company doesn’t have insurance, you’ll have to pay to take out your own. “I was looking for the cheapest company that provided a good service. So, for example, included insurance, brought all their own blankets and had good reviews.” - Katie Pitman

Ask for a breakdown of costs

Finding out what you have to pay and when will avoid any unexpected extras. “They gave us a quote and were clear and upfront where there might be extra costs and where it’d be incurred” - Charlotte Giro

Make sure you compare quotes

Comparing quotes allows you to weigh up your options. “With the guys that I got from Compare My Move, the prices were all different. So, it was a good exercise to see quality and quantity.” - Dawn Cooke

Always read reviews

Reading reviews allows you to get a feel for the company. “I never order anything without looking it up first and getting customer feedback. We checked [the removal companies] out via previous customer reviews. We were able to choose the right company for our move. ” - Gerry Lunn

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