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Compare My Move: The Only Stress-Free Part of the Moving Experience

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24th Mar 2022 6 minute read

With their second child on the way, Elliot and his partner, Sophie had found the perfect home that was situated at a great midway point between both their families. However, with the property chain causing delays, they quickly realised that their choice of removal company would play an important role in the process. That’s where Compare My Move’s free online service came in handy.

Searching for a removal company

Elliot and Sophie had decided to upsize to make room for their growing family. They had found the perfect location between both their families’ homes and were soon given a completion date, adding to the excitement.

With their new child expected sometime during the moving process, the couple were definitely in a rush to find a reliable removal company and get going. Compare My Move has over 500 removal partners operating across the UK, providing them with a long list of trusted partners to choose from.

“We were given a provisional moving date and were on a bit of a time scale really, so we needed to get a removal company as soon as possible.”

How did you find Compare My Move?

As with many, Elliot’s first instinct was to search online for removal companies. By being one of the first options presented on Google, Compare My Move was his first opportunity to compare removal quotes.

Our team constantly works hard to provide movers with useful information. This means we consistently create insightful content that is easily found on Google. From one simple search result, Elliot found Compare My Move almost instantly - a vital factor for his family due to the urgency of the move.

With just a few simple details entered into the form, Elliot and Sophie were soon matched with some of the best movers and packers in their local area.

“I just went online and searched for ‘removal company comparisons’ and [Compare My Move] was one of the first things that came up.”

Getting matched with companies

Our simple online form meant Elliot was able to find exactly what he needed. He was presented with several different removal partners who then contacted him to discuss his family’s specific requirements.

A unique factor in Compare My Move’s service is that we don’t quote our users, our partners do. This allows users to interact with the companies, avoiding misleading quotes. This hassle-free process meant Elliot was quickly matched with the right company for the job.

“I put a little enquiry in on the website and it came up straight away…It was quick, easy and got us in touch with them quite quickly. So that was good.”

How did you decide which partner to use?

Every partner that enters our network is verified by us and reviewed by you. Once accepted, our team creates a unique partner page, allowing users to read company information and user feedback.

These pages will include the services offered, photos, videos and most crucial, customer reviews. Whilst this information was vital during the comparison process, it was actually the initial contact with the removals company themselves that was the deciding factor for Elliot.

“O S Removals were a fairly new company at the time, so there weren't many reviews to go off. But the thing that kind of drew us to them was when the gentleman got in touch and gave us a rundown.”

Sophie and Elliot appreciated the company’s transparency and commitment. Whilst the price did influence the decision, they explained that the team’s friendliness and overall patience were what convinced them.

“He absolutely committed to us and said no matter what happens, we’ll be prepared to support your move in whatever way we can. So that was really the decider for us.”

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How did O S Removals help?

Having achieved a 5-star rating from Compare My Move’s users, it’s no wonder that Elliot was keen to work with O S Removals. Joining the network in January 2020, the team have accumulated glowing reviews with users stating how considerate and professional they are. Elliot explained how his experience was no different.

Elliot and his family soon encountered delays in the property chain, pushing back their original moving date and causing unnecessary stress. It meant a lot of rescheduling with the removals team and constant communication.

“[O S Removals] kept in touch with us as well. They were asking for updates and we were giving them where we could. But the removers themselves, the two gentlemen were just so patient and really understanding. They didn't stop either, which was amazing.”

When asked what was most beneficial during the house move, Elliot explained how it was all the help of the moving company and their continued patience despite the many issues that kept appearing.

“It was their patience…They'd been sat there for 3 hours, but as soon as we got the keys and got back, they were straight on with the job getting everything unloaded.”

Were there any issues?

As previously mentioned, Elliot and his partner faced many issues due to an issue within their property chain. Their moving date was delayed and the keys to the new house weren’t released at the agreed time.

However, Elliot was quick to state that the process of choosing a removal company and the work they provided were by far the least stressful steps in the journey.

“As moving goes, the day itself was a nightmare. But the one thing that wasn't stressful was the removal company, they were so patient and really attentive and just got on with the job.”

What advice would you give future movers?

We asked Elliot what advice he would give our users or any first-time buyers reading his experience. His answer was simple: start early.

“Start as early as you can. Even if you don't know exactly when you’re moving, there are some things in your house that you don't need to use every day. So get them boxed up.”

He continued by explaining that, whilst it can be awkward living amongst a pile of moving boxes, the earlier you start, the less hassle you’ll face in the long run.

“Moving day is only temporary. The move afterwards, that's permanent.”

Compare Removal Company Costs

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Would you use our other services?

When asked about any other issues that occurred, Elliot explained how their conveyancing process was also not straightforward.

He stated that, should they move house again, they would definitely be using Compare My Move to compare conveyancers as they were so impressed by their chosen removals firms.

“We weren't particularly impressed with [the solicitor]. So in future, we would absolutely consider using the service on Compare My Move to find a different solicitor because we know we could trust the removal company.”

Would you recommend using Compare My Move?

Before ending our call, we asked Elliot whether he’d recommend his chosen removal company and the services provided by Compare My Move. He was quick to answer, immediately responding with an enthusiastic yes.

“Whether it be for solicitors or removal companies or whatever it might be because we had such a good experience with our removal company recommended by Compare My Move, I absolutely would recommend [the service] to others.”

How can Compare My Move help you?

Our team at Compare My Move have helped thousands of happy movers over the years saving them both time and money.

If you’re searching for a dependable removal company like Elliot, we can match you with up to 6 verified moving companies in your local area. All of our partners have Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances, so you know your possessions will be protected whilst in transit.

Click here to start comparing removal companies now.

Did you know that removals aren't the only way we help our users? We can also help you save money during other stages of your moving journey by comparing RICS registered surveyors, SRA or CLC regulated conveyancers and trusted storage providers.

Additionally, we can guide you through the buying, selling or moving process with our expert advice and research. Whether you’re at the start, middle or end of the journey, we have a range of articles to help in our advice centre.