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Using Compare My Move - Twice - Helped Me Move to My Perfect Home

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6th Jun 2024 5 minute read

Having previously rented, Stephen decided it was time to buy a house. Once he found the property he wanted to buy, he needed a surveyor to inspect the home. As the property was over 100 years old, he wanted a professional to check it was in good condition. That’s where Compare My Move came in.

Not only did Stephen use us for surveying (twice!), but he returned a few weeks later to compare removal companies for the move to the new home.

It provided me with good options, which were not known to me, and which would not normally appear in a search engine search upfront, and it gave me peace of mind to know the choices given were carefully vetted and selected companies to trust.”

How did you find Compare My Move?

Needing a qualified surveyor, Stephen opted for an online search to find a company in the local area. After finding Compare My Move on Google, he submitted his details on our easy-to-use form to get matched with trusted and verified surveyors nearby.

Finding a surveyor

After he submitted his details, we connected Stephen with Beehoo Surveying, a surveying firm assisting customers across Nottingham and Peterborough.

They proudly offer professional and affordable surveying services - and proved to be a huge help to Stephen. So much so, that he used the surveyor twice during his home-buying journey.

How did Beehoo Surveying help?

Beehoo Surveying turned out to be invaluable during Stephen’s home-buying journey. As it turns out, the first home had more issues than could be seen from a standard viewing. Beehoo Surveying saved Stephen from buying a problematic home that could have cost hundreds or thousands in repairs and maintenance.

“I used the surveyor twice, actually. The first time I viewed a property, I put in an offer and it looked okay to me on the surface. But then the surveyor highlighted that the property would require significant, extensive, major, expensive refurbishment urgently. All these flaws (and) hidden defects were not apparent to me visually. I was actually surprised. We're looking at tens of thousands of pounds.”

As a result, Stephen decided not to continue with the first sale and looked for another property. Once he’d put in an offer, he used Beehoo Surveying again. The silver lining was that the next property turned out to be a better fit for Stephen - and thankfully this survey did not produce concerning results.

“This property that we're in now actually turned out to be better than the first property. So it was a blessing in disguise because it was a better property in many respects.”

What survey did you opt for?

For the first home he had surveyed, Stephen opted for a RICS Level 3 survey - the most thorough survey available. This is recommended for older homes like the one Stephen was considering purchasing. The 1900s terraced property needed a thorough inspection and it certainly paid off for Stephen.

For the second property, which was newer and in better condition, a RICS Level 2 survey was suitable. The survey results of this property were far more reassuring than the first. A 1960s-1970s bungalow, the second home proved to be the better option for Stephen.

“It obviously pays to do a survey.”

Do you feel that the price you paid was fair for the service?

Not only did the survey from Beehoo Surveying save Stephen from buying a home that could have cost him time and money in repairs, but the survey itself was better priced than elsewhere.

“The survey was actually very, very reasonably priced. I was surprised by the low price because I did actually phone one other surveying company, which I googled and they came in at least £150 more expensive.”

Having saved money on the survey and saved on buying a home needing potentially thousands of pounds of repairs, Stephen was ready to move. Now he just needed a reputable removal company.

Returning to Compare My Move

Following an excellent result from a surveyor on our network, Stephen returned to our site several weeks later to find a removal company.

After filling in our simple removal form, Stephen was matched with four of our trusted removal partners local to the area. The tricky part now was choosing one - since Stephen found they all looked like great companies to use.

“It was difficult because they all look good. So, to be fair, I chose randomly and it paid off.”

And Stephen’s method was indeed random. Using dice and his own lottery system for picking a company, Stephen landed on Mr Nice Removals, a top-rated Nottingham removal company on our network.

How did Mr Nice Removals help with your move?

Stephen moved in March 2024, using a team of professionals from Mr Nice Removals. He found the whole experience “top-notch” - which he stated in his glowing review on our site.

“Very nice friendly people, pleasant, good vibes. Very efficient, reliable, and professional. They certainly do what they say on the tin. Top-notch, yes, top of the crop indeed I would say.”

He went on to tell us that the whole move went smoothly, allowing him to relax knowing his belongings were being taken care of throughout the process.

“Based on my excellent experience I can confidently recommend them anytime. I was very impressed. Everything went very smoothly, and stress-free. Their experience and skill show. You can relax knowing your stuff is in good hands.”

Would you recommend Compare My Move to others?

Stephen was happy with both partners found on our network, each providing excellent services in their field. The survey certainly paid off and the removal day went smoothly. Asked if he would recommend us to others, Stephen said:

“I would recommend all your services. It helped me save time and money I would say. And also it made me feel more confident. It was good that I used your website. I was happy that I found you on Google. I took a chance and it paid off.”

How can Compare My Move help you?

Compare My Move has helped over 1,000,000 UK movers save time and money during their property journey. If, like Stephen, you need a surveyor and removal firm, we can connect you with professionals in your area with our integrated comparison form.

All of our surveying partners are either RICS or RPSA-regulated, so you know you’re dealing with professionals. We can help you save money at every point of your moving journey when you compare conveyancers, storage providers and house clearance companies.

We can also guide you through the buying, selling or moving process with our expert advice articles and resources.