Difficult move “became a really fun day for everybody” thanks to TM Moving Solutions

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12th Dec 2023 5 minute read

Sue and her two children had a difficult move ahead of them. They were moving out of their family home following a divorce. Her ex-partner was buying her out of the house, leaving her to find a new home with her boys.

As if this wasn’t enough to take on, her ex-partner had changed his mind about letting Sue move out gradually. This meant she suddenly had to find a last-minute moving company.

What could have been chaos, however, turned into a blessing in disguise. It led her to find a company that she says made it feel “like they were looking after the whole family”.

Searching for a removal company

The last-minute alteration meant friends and family Sue had enlisted to help with the move could no longer pitch in. Needing to move quickly, Sue decided to use a professional removal company.

Sue decided to use Compare My Move to find a reputable firm - and one that could accommodate the move at short notice.

“Initially it felt awful. But, as it turned out, because of the company we used, it was the best thing that could have happened.”

Choosing a removal partner

After filling in our short form, Sue was matched with three potential firms in her local area. They contacted her and discussed the requirements for the job, each providing a quote. One company, in particular, stood out: TM Moving Solutions.

When it came to choosing a company, price was a key factor. TM Moving Solutions was Sue’s first choice, but other companies quoted lower. Sue was completely upfront with them, stating “I preferred you but because you've come up as more expensive, unfortunately, I'm going to have to go with one of the others.”

That’s when TM Moving came back and offered to reduce their price. “It was almost a price match type of a thing!”, said Sue, adding “so I snapped them up then!”

How did TM Moving Solutions help?

To say Sue was impressed with TM Moving Solutions would be an understatement. A difficult move under pressure, this was no easy feat. But TM Moving took it in their stride - and looked out for Sue and her boys in the process.

“It wasn't just that they knew what to do, but they were doing it so speedily and so cheerfully as well. It became a really fun day for everybody. That I hadn't expected. I'd hoped that they'd be professional and efficient, but I hadn't expected the other half of it. And that is what stays with you. The fact they made it quite enjoyable and humorous.”

It was undoubtedly a hard day for the family. The situation had already been stressful without the last-minute changes. For the children, this had a big impact.

“Both of my children couldn't face going to school and there were a lot of tears” Sue said.

In light of the situation, Sue decided to include the boys in the moving process. This allowed them to understand better what was happening and see their items being taken care of.

“They were part of seeing the house getting emptied - seeing their things moving out, seeing their things moving in the other end. And it was absolutely the right decision to involve them.”

What’s more, Sue was able to take the boys to a cafe for breakfast. This allowed them to dip in and out of the house while the TM Moving Solutions team loaded the van. This was a huge help for the boys - and Sue couldn’t believe how swift the whole process was.

“We'd been less than an hour and by the time we got back they had done so much, we just could not believe how fast they'd moved. It was incredible. It went so, so smoothly.”

Were there any highlights?

Compare My Move is proud of our hardworking partners who go the extra mile. But on this occasion, the team went above and beyond.

“They were really nice with the kids. I think it probably helped that they have their own children of similar ages. And so they kind of knew how to pitch their humour. Gently, but a bit cheeky. And it felt like they were looking after the whole family that way.

It’s not just Sue who was impressed by the team. Every review left for TM Moving Solutions by Compare My Move users to date is five stars. Customers have consistently praised their excellent service and professionalism.

Were there any issues?

Despite getting the items loaded on the van swiftly, Sue was not out of the woods yet with her move. She had no issues with the removal team - but her ex-partner caused a further last-minute delay. Showing up over an hour late, Sue, her boys and the removal team were left waiting for the handover. Thankfully TM Moving Solutions was incredibly understanding.

“They took the stress out of it for us because it did feel like we were impacting them and their family and their weekend and there's nothing I can do about it. But they were like, honestly, it happens all the time. It's no drama. It's absolutely fine. We'll move you in super fast.”

“There were two of them but by the time we got to move in, they'd somehow managed to magic five of them! So you can imagine how much faster it was to get the stuff into the house. And they were just so cheerful! They worked so well as a team.”

Do you feel that the price was fair for the service received?

As she mentioned, Sue was thrilled when TM Moving Solutions reduced their quote for her move. We asked if she felt the price she paid was justified. It’s clear she feels that was more than the case.

“I actually feel like they were underpaid, to be honest! Because of what they did and how they were - and the impact that it would have had on them!”

How can Compare My Move help you?

Compare My Move has helped over 1,000,000 UK movers save time and money. If you're like Sue and have been looking for the perfect removal company in your area, we can connect you with up to 6 verified removal companies.

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