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Compare My Move “the easiest process” for finding a surveyor

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16th Feb 2024 4 minute read

Surveying is an essential part of buying a house. It can reassure you of the home you are looking to buy, allowing you to make an informed decision on the purchase. This is why Compare My Move user Jo wanted an experienced surveyor for her new house.

Jo moved out of her shared property and bought a home after breaking up with a partner. A two-bedroom terrace for herself and her dog near family and friends, the home seemed perfect. Now what she needed to do was to ensure that it was.

As she was buying an older property, it was the more vital for Jo to be sure she was making a sound investment. That’s when she turned to Compare My Move to find a reliable survey to inspect the terraced home.

How did you find Compare My Move?

After being bought out by her ex-partner, Jo was looking for a new home of her own. After finding a home that ticked multiple boxes, she wanted a surveyor to inspect the property before the sale was finalised. It was this that led her to find our service. Following the advice of her mortgage broker, Jo used Compare My Move to find a surveyor for the home.

“He sent me on to you guys to find a surveyor because that was just the easiest process, he said. So I decided to have a look and make a decision from there.”

Finding a surveyor

After completing our simple online form, Jo was matched with three professional surveyors. Having a ready-made list of verified and trusted surveyors in the local area put Jo at ease.

“I wanted to have a few options to make sure that I was getting a reasonable quote. You don't ever want to be that person who goes to just one provider and gets stung. It's a bit more reassuring - those (company) names have been put there for a reason.”

Jo said she benefitted from having a collated list and that she was able to use our site as a springboard to find the best surveyor for her needs.

How did MJD Residential Surveying Ltd help?

Jo was delighted with the service she received from MJD Residential Surveying Ltd. First and foremost, they helped her understand more about the home she was buying. Her survey report highlighted areas that needed attention and explained what would need to be done.

“There were a couple of things flagged, mostly based on this being an older house which I was expecting, but, it was quite helpful to get the extra advice.”

The suggestions included repairs and replacement for areas like the extension at the back of the home. She was also advised on windows where there was condensation.

“It was really helpful to have those things flagged and pointed out, getting that extra piece of information to understand what it means”

Jo said that she found the service as a whole was good, and that they were very quick to respond, explaining everything in detail. Following the survey she had a call to run through everything that was flagged.

“They were quite personable, they didn't oversell and they explained a lot of the details. You don't buy a house all the time, so sometimes the language is a little bit difficult. If you're not in that world to kind of know exactly what you're doing. There was a lot of technical stuff, but I feel like they were keen to explain it.”

Do you feel that the price you paid was justified for the service you got?

Jo told us she was happy with the price she paid, having found the survey useful and informative.

“Definitely (worth the price). I think it was nice as well when I'd spoken to them and they (said) to have the home buyers survey when I suppose they could have easily said, "you should get the more in-depth survey" and got more money out of me.”

Would you recommend Compare My Move?

Jo was not only pleased with MJD Residential Surveying Ltd, she also spoke highly of Compare My Move. Having previously said that she found using our service reassuring, she added that she would certainly recommend us to others.

“Yes I would definitely come back to (Compare My Move) or recommend it to someone else if they were in a similar situation and weren't sure where to start.”

How can Compare My Move help you?

Compare My Move has helped over 1,000,000 UK movers save time and money during their property journey. If you're like Jo and need a professional property surveyor, we can connect you with up to 6 trusted surveyors.

All of our partners are either RICS or RPSA-regulated, so you know you’re dealing with professionals. We can help you save money at every point of your moving journey when you compare removal companies, conveyancers, professional storage providers and house clearance companies. We can also guide you through the buying, selling or moving process with our expert advice articles and resources.