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Lock Up Garages for Rent and Storage

Zenyx Griffiths

Written by Reviewed by Dave Sayce

6th Jan 2022 (Last updated on 19th Jan 2022) 9 minute read

A garage for rent is a type of storage unit that can be used to protect your items when moving house. They are typically equipped with steel doors and concrete walls to keep your valuables safe, clean and dry.

Many councils across the UK will offer lock ups for rent but they typically have a long waiting list. Other alternatives include searching for private landlords or professional storage companies that offer lock up garages. There are a number of factors that will affect the cost of lock up garages for rent, including the size of the unit, location and the duration of time you require to rent it. Most storage providers will offer both short and long-term storage solutions.

Compare My Move work with removal, storage and property experts to provide you with insightful information on everything you need to know about comparing storage facilities. In this article, we explore the benefits of using garages to rent, as well as the other storage alternatives available to movers.

This article will cover the following:
  1. The Benefits of Rental Lock Up Garages
  2. Issues With Lockup Garage Storage
  3. Lock Up to Rent Options for Businesses
  4. Alternatives to Garage Lock Ups
  5. Benefits to Self-Storage
  6. How to Find a Removals and Storage Company

The Benefits of Rental Lock Up Garages

Many large storage companies will offer lock up for rent services as a solution to storing your items. Whilst renting a residential garage from a landlord will come with fewer services and the risk of less security, a rental lock up garage is potentially a safer option for movers.

Different companies will offer different services, such as indoor and outdoor facilities and units of various sizes. To help you decide whether this storage solution is right for you, we’ve listed some of the benefits of rental lock up garages:


Most traditional garage lock ups are easy to access with you being the only keyholder for the specific unit. You should be able to access the facility 7 days a week during the specified opening hours unless it’s stated you have access 24/7. If the facility you choose does not grant you access 24-hours a day, they will likely offer a period of extended hours instead.

Some professional storage companies may offer both internal and external lock up garages. External rental garages can be conveniently accessed via your own car, whilst internal garages will be situated in the company’s buildings. Whichever option is available to you, don’t forget to enquire about the cost of parking as many facilities will offer free spaces.


Many people across the UK prefer garage storage as it’s a highly convenient solution, especially if the garage in use is on your own property or owned by a landlord nearby. However, using lock up garages for rent from larger companies can also be convenient as they will typically offer 24-hour access as well as further security.


The level of security found in the lock up garage will greatly depend on who is renting it out. However, many external and internal units used by larger storage companies will have individual alarm systems, 24-hour CCTV, a unique PIN code and trained staff regularly patrolling the facilities making them incredibly secure.

They will likely also have state-of-the-art smoke and fire detection systems and intruder alarms. For added peace of mind, know that secure storage facilities such as this will also have perimeter fencing for additional layers of safety.


Rental garages will typically cost less than a self-storage unit, especially if you’re renting from a council-run facility or residential garage. To learn more about storage costs, read how much does a self storage unit cost.

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Issues With Lockup Garage Storage

Whilst garages are convenient spaces that can increase the value of your home, they’re not always the best choice when it comes to storing your items. Regardless of whether you decide to use your own garage or a garage for rent, you’ll need to carefully sort through your items and organise everything before packing it away.

Many garages are also not climate-controlled or they actually lack the necessary amount of insulation, meaning the space will continually change temperature with the weather. This could result in an issue with damp, increasing the risk of damage to your items.

Garage locks are also not always completely secure, so it’s vital you check the condition before storing any items. If you’re looking to rent a lock-up garage, it would be worth inquiring about the use of CCTV and other security systems.

Lock Up to Rent Options for Businesses

Stock Storage

If you’re a business looking for commercial storage units, there are a number of flexible and affordable stock storage options available that do not include a long tie-in commercial lease. Many companies offering this service may even offer lower legal fees, business rates and contract fees.

You may require this type of lock up storage if you’re a business that:

  • Doesn’t have room for existing stock on the premises
  • Has seasonal stock
  • Is constantly growing and requires more space
  • Runs across multiple sites and needs a central space for easier access

Document and Archive Storage

Whilst most businesses in the UK are conducted electronically, there will still be paperwork to deal with. From bills and invoices to receipts and sale records, documents like these are now part of our everyday life and can often make us feel disorganised. Document and archive storage facilities are a great way for businesses to declutter their paperwork and ensure their most important documents are organised and secure.

Most facilities will clearly label your boxes to ensure a more organised and efficient process. They will be indoor spaces monitored by CCTV and constant intruder alarms. You will be the only key holder for the clean, dry and secure storage unit. You should also have the option of keeping sensitive or legal documents in fireproof and waterproof storage rooms.

Tool Storage

Many businesses have experienced theft, especially when storing their tools in vans. Having valuable equipment stolen can greatly affect a company, with the loss of business and the cost of the insurance excess making a big impact. One way to counteract this and increase security is to use a secure storage unit.

Whether you want regular access at the end of each working day or a chance to visit monthly, self-storage facilities provide the perfect flexibility.

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Alternatives to Garage Lock Ups

If garage lock ups don’t sound like the storage solution for you, there are a range of other storage for rent options to choose from. These include:

Self-Storage Units

The most obvious alternative to lock ups to rent is flexible self-storage facilities. They provide clients with 24/7 access throughout the year and are typically seen as much more secure. Whilst the safety of residential garages to rent will depend on the landlord, self-storage units will always have modern technology such as constant CCTV monitoring, key-coded entry and intruder alarms.

Whilst they can sometimes be more expensive, self-storage companies will often provide additional services that garage lock ups can not, such as collection services and self-storage insurance. Packing for self-storage will also ensure you assess the items you currently have, allowing you to identify unused items and begin the process of decluttering.

Container Storage

Container storage sites are typically outdoors in remote locations with no additional overheads, reducing the cost slightly. There should be a number of shipping containers of all shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs with fewer restrictions on what you can store.

Depending on the company you choose to go with, you may be allowed 24-hour access or you could be limited to specific times. There will also be a limit on the amount of security provided compared to a larger self-storage facility. For example, most storage containers will not have climate control.

Box Storage Delivery Services

This service is often popular amongst students in the UK. Whether you have a few suitcases to store or a number of larger boxes, there’s also the option of a ‘by-the-box service’. All you have to do is count the number of boxes you have packed and ready to store, then your chosen company will collect them on a day most convenient for you.

Whilst you’ll be limited on the volume of items you can store, it can be a fairly convenient and quick solution. The facilities should be secure with active CCTV. Once you require the items back, you can simply order the specific box you need and arrange its delivery.

Benefits to Self-Storage

A self-storage unit will typically be better equipped compared to a rental garage, with features such as 24/7 CCTV cameras, shelves and climate control. This often means self-storage will be more costly, but they do typically come with a promise of added security and cleanliness, as well as additional services residential garages cannot offer. Many self storage services will also take deliveries for their clients, making them a much more convenient and practical solution.

Other benefits of self-storage include:

1. Flexible Space

Self-storage units can come in a range of sizes, making it a very flexible storage solution. Whether you need storage for moving house or simply decluttering, it provides you with a much larger area of free space to store your items compared to a traditional garage. The building will also have more security measures put in place, such as constant CCTV monitoring, fire and smoke detectors and on-site personnel. Read our guide on storage sizes to work out what you need.

2. Indoors

Another benefit to self-storage units is that they are typically situated indoors. Not only does this make temperature control much easier, but it also ensures a higher level of security. An indoor storage facility can help ensure the environment is dry, clean and completely safe, reducing the risk of damage to your items.

3. Store Seasonal Items

You may not need to store certain items all year round. Whether it’s equipment for specific hobbies or storage for outdoor furniture, self-storage units are ideal for protecting seasonal items that are too big to keep at home. This will allow you to keep your property clean, tidy and with added space.

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How to Find a Removals and Storage Company

Whether you’re looking for personal recommendations or a trusted comparison website, there are a number of ways to find a reliable removal and storage company, including:

  1. Comparing removal and storage quotes
  2. Checking independent reviews
  3. Viewing members of specific trade associations

According to Henfield Storage, there are approximately 1,505 storage sites in the UK that provide more than 44.6 million square feet of storage space, meaning it can be fairly difficult to narrow down your choices. This is why it’s often recommended that you use a comparison website to compare removal and storage quotes.

At Compare My Move, every company that enters our network must be fully insured and put through our strict verification process to ensure they work to our high standards. Whether they are a removal, storage, conveyancing or surveying partner, they must follow our code of practice throughout their partnership, ensuring you’re connected with the best professionals in the business.

Zenyx Griffiths

Before Compare My Move, Zenyx once wrote lifestyle and entertainment articles for the online magazine, Society19 as well as news articles for Ffotogallery.

Dave Sayce

Reviewed by Dave Sayce

Owner & Managing Director, Compare My Move

Dave Sayce is the owner and managing director of Compare My Move and has over 10 years of experience in the house removals industry.