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Self Storage Unit Sizes Explained

Storage companies offer a range of unit sizes and types to suit every situation. These sizes can range from 10 sq. ft lockers all the way to 500+ sq. ft of space.

The size of your unit will depend on your requirements and budget. Students often require short-term smaller sizes, while businesses typically need large units to store their equipment.

In this guide, we look at the different storage unit sizes and the items suitable for each unit size. Be aware that sizes are approximate and we recommend that you inspect your unit and ensure the space meets your needs.

How to Choose the Right Storage Unit Size?

Choosing the right storage unit size will depend on the items you’re storing. Below we've listed the common uses for storage to help determine the size you'll need.


Personal storage

Many people store personal items such as important documents or photographs. This tends to be smaller items so a storage locker or a small storage unit will be best suited.


Student storage

Students are often in between accommodation so short-term storage is common for many. 25 sq ft units are ideal for students as most accommodation will come furnished.


Business storage

Businesses often need to store private documents or business stock so larger units will suit best.


Climate controlled storage

Temperature controlled storagehelps to protect items like vinyl records, antiques and artwork. This is often flexible in size so will depend on the volume of items needed storing.

Small Storage Unit - 25 Sq. Ft-50 Sq. Ft

Smaller storage units are roughly the size of an average garden shed, so are ideal if you are storing the entire contents of one room. They are roughly between 25 square feet and 50 square feet.

The contents of a unit this size will approximately fill half the size of a transit van.

A small storage unit holds:

Garden supplies and equipment

Small furniture items (side tables, small chairs etc)

Seasonal decorations

Camping gear

Sport and fitness gear


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Medium Storage Unit - 75 Sq. Ft-150 Sq. Ft

A medium storage unit is approximately the size of a single garage. This could fit the contents of one-and-a-half Luton vans. The size of this unit is between 75 square feet and 150 square feet.

A medium storage unit holds:

Double bed


Three-piece suite

Dining table and chairs

Larger sports equipment

Garden and landscaping equipment

Large Storage Unit - 175 Sq. Ft-250 Sq. Ft

A large storage unit is ideal for the contents of a 4-5 bedroom house. It is also suitable for businesses for additional stock and office equipment. These units are roughly the size of a double-car garage.

For transportation, the contents of a unit this size will likely require a 7.5-tonne box lorry. In this case, contacting a removal company is highly advised.

A large storage unit holds:

Large beds

Furniture sets

Pianos and other large musical instruments

Refrigerators and large freezers

Retail inventory and business stock

Construction supplies

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Extra Large Storage Unit (500 Sq. Ft)

An extra large storage unit is useful for businesses but it can also be ideal for those looking to store the contents of a large home or estate. This size unit equates to a three-car garage.

For transport, the contents will best fit in an articulated lorry. Again, you can arrange this with a removal company.

An extra large storage unit holds:

The contents of a large house

Inventory for businesses


Large tools and equipment

Are There Bigger Storage Sizes Available?

If you’re looking for storage sizes larger than 500 sq ft, it’s worth renting warehouse storage from local providers. This is ideal if you’re needing to store lots of large items such as palletised goods or large volumes of stock. It is a storage type mainly used by business owners.

How to Change Storage Unit Size

It's important to choose the right size storage unit for your items so you're not paying more than you have to.

If you’ve underestimated your storage unit size, you'll have to discuss changing unit sizes with your provider. Depending on the minimum rental period, most storage companies are flexible and if they have the unit size available, you should be able to swap for an additional cost.

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How to Get a Self-Storage Quote

Compare My Move can connect you with up to 6 local storage providers so you can compare storage costs. All of our storage partners will be insured and verified so you know you’re in safe hands. Save up to 70% on the cost of your storage unit today.

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