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Looking for a property surveyor in Maidstone? Compare My Move has helped over 1,500 home buyers find a residential surveyor in Maidstone and the surrounding area over the last year.

There are a wide variety of property types in this part of Kent, from Edwardian semi-detached homes to 15th-century farmhouses, with an average property price in the area of £338,820. Whatever type of property you’re buying, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having a property survey.

Compare My Move can connect you with up to 6 RICS regulated surveyors. Each one will have gone through our strict verification system before joining us and our business team monitors all partners closely to ensure a high standard of service.

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    FAQs About Surveying in Maidstone

    At Compare My Move, we’ve researched everything you need to know about your surveying in Maidstone. Our unique data shows that the RICS Level 2 Survey is the most popular, with 77.41% having one.

    Presence of Japanese Knotweed is low and there isn't a high risk of subsidence either. When you have your property survey results, you will find out if the property you plan to buy is right for you or if you need to carry on with your search.

    We’ve looked at our data from previous users who needed our help booking their property survey. We can reveal that the most popular survey type in Maidstone is a RICS Level 2 Survey, with 77.41% needing one.

    Semi-detached properties are the most popular in Maidstone with 35.48% needing surveys for this house type. Most people needed a RICS Level 2 Survey when buying a semi-detached property in the area, with 29.03% needing one. There are many semi-detached properties in Maidstone that are modern, so it makes sense why more people needed a RICS Level 2 Survey for their purchase.

    As expected, more people required a RICS Level 2 Survey for a flat. Just 3.23% needed a RICS Level 3 Survey for their flat purchase which points at a few older flats in Maidstone. A RICS Level 2 Survey is most suited to modern flats.

    Whatever property type you’re buying, you will need a property survey to be aware of any issues or hidden defects before committing to buying the property.

    Popular Survey Types in Maidstone
    Popular Survey Types in Maidstone

    What Types of Historical Architecture Does Maidstone Have?

    The property scene in Maidstone is varied and included homes from the medieval, Tudor and Jacobean periods, boasting the 15th-century farmhouse Parsonage Farm and the early 17th-century Thurnham Court. You can expect to find Victorian, Edwardian, 1920s, 1930s, 1950s as well as modern houses in Maidstone.

    If you’re looking for Edwardian semi-detached houses, head in the direction of Bower Mount Road, Bearstead, Yalding and Thurnham. You’ll need a RICS Level 3 Survey if you’re buying older properties, especially period properties. It’s the most in-depth survey and will look at the building’s structure and condition.

    The Boatyard in Maidstone is home to modern 2-4 bedroom homes. You’d require a RICS Level 2 Survey for these type of properties. Allington, Acorn Close and Arundel Square all offer Shared ownership properties too. Maidstone has over 2,000 listed buildings and 41 conservation areas. You’ll need the help of a property surveyor for a listed building survey if you’re purchasing a listed building in Maidstone.

    Architecture Overview From Listed Buildings to Sales of New Buildings
    Listed Buildings2000
    Conservation Areas41
    New Build Sales*3
    Existing Property Sales*294

    *Based on data for 2023

    Is Subsidence an Issue in Maidstone?

    Subsidence is a common issue found during a property survey. Most older properties are subjected to it and the first signs of it are large cracks. It occurs when the ground beneath a property sinks, pulling its foundations with it. It can be hard to sell a house with subsidence, so it’s important to get a property survey to detect it early on in the process.

    Looking at Geobear’s UK Subsidence Map, there is a low to medium risk of subsidence in Maidstone, with the most risk being in the North and West. The surrounding areas of Maidstone also don’t have a high risk of subsidence, with the closest largest risk area being London. With London’s large population and building presence, there’s no surprise there are large parts of the city suffering from subsidence.

    When you’re buying a house in Maidstone, your property survey will flag if the property is at risk of subsidence. Both a RICS Level 2 and 3 Survey will highlight subsidence, but if the property you’re buying has cracks in its structure, then you’re better suited to a RICS Level 3 (Building Survey) for the most in-depth inspection.

    Maidstone subsidence map taken from Geobear's website
    Maidstone subsidence map taken from Geobear's website

    Is Japanese Knotweed a Concern in Maidstone?

    Japanese Knotweed is a common invasive weed found all over the UK. It causes problems to homeowners as it can damage property and affect the value of your property. It damages walls and can even make its way into the house. Rest assured, your property survey will highlight any presence of Knotweed

    Looking at Environet’s Japanese Knotweed Heat Map, we can see there’s a small presence of Japanese Knotweed in Maidstone. There are 15 occurrences of the weed within 4m in Maidstone. You shouldn’t attempt to get rid of the plant yourself as it will grow back, you’ll need the help of a specialist remover.

    If you spot signs of Japanese Knotweed on your first viewing, don’t panic, but highlight to your surveyor you’d like them to take a closer look at the weed. It’s easily removed by a professional so you shouldn’t rule out buying the house prior to having a property survey. Both a RICS Level 2 and 3 Survey will highlight this.

    Maidstone Japanese Knotweed heatmap taken from Environet website
    Maidstone Japanese Knotweed heatmap taken from Environet website