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Used by over 1 million movers in the UK
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Are you looking for the best surveyors in Darlington for 2024?

Written 1st Jan 2024 (Last updated on 23rd Jan 2024)

Compare My Move's partner network incorporates the top surveyors working in Darlington. To ensure the highest standards, some of these companies can accommodate any property type. Others specialise in certain property types such as flats.

Our surveying partners have passed our strict verification process. This includes providing proof of RICS regulation to ensure all jobs are carried out to the best standard.

In this guide, we've collated the best surveying firms operating across Darlington. This means you can connect with the right company that meets your requirements.

  1. Top 10 Best Surveying Companies
  2. How We Selected These Companies
  3. How to Find a Surveying Company
Best Surveying Companies in Darlington
RankingSurveying Company
1 Watsons
2 HouzeCheck
3 Malcolm Rand Chartered Surveyors
4 e.surv Chartered Surveyors
5 AWP Consulting LLP
6 Quadlis Ltd
7 Merit Estates
8 LMB Residential Surveying
9 Andrew James Property Surveyors and Valuers Ltd
10 Eclipse Surveying

10 Best Surveying Companies

Here are the 10 best surveying companies in Darlington for 2024 based on their 5 star reviews:

1. Watsons

Watsons are one of the most experienced surveyors on our network. First established in 1890, they are one of the leading firms in the industry. Joining us as a partner in November 2019, they have accumulated over 20 5-star reviews. Their team has a reputation for high-quality service and first-class expertise. They can tailor their solutions to suit all property types and conditions.

"Professional and good value" - Hazel Richardson

Rating: 9.4 | Reviews: 39
Verified: 21 Nov 2019

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2. HouzeCheck

HouzeCheck is one of the best surveyors on our network to consider. Their team provides services for Home Survey Levels 2 and 3 as well as Valuation Reports. This means they can accommodate most property types. Their surveyors are regulated by RICS, meaning they can be trusted to carry out all jobs to the highest standard. They first joined our partner network in April 2022 and have accumulated many 5-star reviews.

"Houzecheck were quick and efficient and competitively priced. Piers, the surveyor, called me on the day of the survey and explained the report which arrived the day after. Thank you!" - James Jackson

Rating: 9.4 | Reviews: 13
Verified: 25 Apr 2022

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3. Malcolm Rand Chartered Surveyors

Malcolm Rand Chartered Surveyors has over 30 years of experience in the surveying industry. They pride themselves on their professional RICS-regulated surveying services. This includes offering the RICS Level 2 and 3 Home Surveys. They provide the best quality service to all of their customers.

"Excellent company, great customer service very helpful with any questions and kept informed. Received survey report the day it was completed." - Claire Purvis

Rating: 9.8 | Reviews: 11
Verified: 25 Apr 2018

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4. e.surv Chartered Surveyors

e.surv Chartered Surveyors is among the best surveyors on our network. Providing Home Surveys and Valuation Reports, they can accommodate most surveying requirements. Their team are regulated by RICS, meaning that they carry out all inspections and reports to the highest standards. They aim to build trusted and valued relationships with their customers. This is reflected in the 5-star reviews they have received since joining our partner network in January 2018.

"The service was fast and efficient and having access to the online portal meant I could keep track of what was going on as well. The digital report is really good and detailed and included photos of exactly what the surveyor found." - Gen Hemmings

Rating: 9.6 | Reviews: 8
Verified: 16 Jan 2018

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5. AWP Consulting LLP

AWP Consulting LLP is an independent and RICS-verified surveying company. They have been established since 2001, and provide customers with detailed reports. The team has high levels of customer service. Their reports are detailed and in-depth. The team takes the time out to listen to your specific needs and they always work to a schedule that best suits your needs. The company offers RICS Home Survey Level 3 Reports, Snagging Surveys, and help with Party Wall matters.

"John was fantastic. He was quick to respond to emails and before undertaking the survey spoke to me about potential plans for the property so that he could spend specific time covering those aspects. Very happy with the level of service." - Aran Bartlett

Rating: 9.8 | Reviews: 7
Verified: 04 Jul 2018

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6. Quadlis Ltd

Quadlis Ltd is another fantastic survey company to consider in the local area. They offer RICS Home Survey Level 2 services and are a RICS-approved company. This helps to provide additional peace of mind that all customers are provided with the highest level of service. Customer service is at the heart of their business. Their team always goes out of their way to ensure that you are happy and confident in the services they provide.

"I found this company reliable and good value for money. The results were emailed within seven days and I was able to discuss the findings with the surveyor after digesting the report information. Recommend to all." - Kathleen Mclean

Rating: 10 | Reviews: 6
Verified: 25 Sep 2018

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7. Merit Estates

If you're looking for a professional and reliable surveying company, Merit Estates are a great option to consider. They can assist with RICS Level 2 and 3 Home Surveys in addition to valuation reports. The team work quickly and efficiently. They inspect both the internal and external areas of the property. This provides you with a better idea of the overall condition of the property you are looking to purchase. Customer service is at the heart of their business.

"Buyers report was done in good time at a very reasonable price. Effective and comprehensive communication clearly detailing any issues with the property. Both Jeanette and Andrew were very helpful and polite. Thoroughly recommend." - Martina Robb

Rating: 10 | Reviews: 5
Verified: 12 Apr 2022

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8. LMB Residential Surveying

One of the top surveying firms on our network is LMB Residential Surveying. Specialising in Home Surveys, their team of surveyors are fully qualified and trained. All inspections and reports are conducted according to RICS guidelines. With years of experience in the field, your surveyor will examine the interior and exterior of the building. They will then produce a detailed report that highlights any issues.

"I decided to use a local company to do a Level 3 survey on a property we are intending to buy. Lyndis from LMB was very helpful in co-ordinating an appointment time with our seller, which was done very promptly. A very comprehensive report was then emailed within the week which has enabled us to be more informed going into the house sale." - Claire Davies

Rating: 10 | Reviews: 3
Verified: 22 Sep 2023

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9. Andrew James Property Surveyors and Valuers Ltd

Andrew James Property Surveyors and Valuers Ltd are another top surveying firm to consider. Whey offer an array of surveying services including the RICS Home Survey Level 2 and Level 3, in addition to valuations. Depending on what type of property you wish to buy and your budget, their surveyors will provide you with professional expertise. Their surveyors can identify structural issues and property defects that can affect the value of the property. This enables you to make an educated decision on the purchase of the home.

"Personable and detailed. Outstanding standard of survey, report and conversations following up on key points." - Nikki Woodward

Rating: 10 | Reviews: 2
Verified: 09 Jan 2023

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10. Eclipse Surveying

Eclipse Surveying is among the best surveying firms on our partner network. Specialising in Home Surveys, their team of surveyors use the latest equipment to provide accurate findings. They are regulated by RICS, meaning all reports are easy to follow and clearly highlight any defects. Your surveyor will answer any questions you may have and may offer expert advice when needed.

"Nick was polite and professional. Competitive price and a thorough report. Would definitely recommend." - Matt Lumsdon

Rating: 10 | Reviews: 2
Verified: 09 Oct 2023

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How We Selected These Surveying Companies

Our team carefully considered the 10 best surveying companies in Darlington by looking at their reviews. The companies with the highest number of reviews were chosen and included in our list. If the number of reviews is equal, we then consider the average rating.

Every review has been written by real Compare My Move customers. These customers have personal experiences of using the surveying companies reviewed. The overall ratings were based on the overall moving day experience, customer experience and value for the money.

Our partners are required to pass our strict verification process, which involves:

  • Professional Company Checks: Each Compare My Move partner needs to prove they are a legitimate company. We always carry out verification checks to ensure this is the case.
  • Online Presence: Compare My Move partners need to have an up-to-date website or Facebook Business page. Their contact details and location need to be displayed on the site with the correct details.
  • Positive Company Reviews: We read real customer reviews of each company before we accept them as a partner. This helps us verify whether the company is providing a reliable and trusted service.
  • Regulations and Accreditations: Every Surveyor offering Level 2 Surveys, Level 3 Surveys and Valuation Reports must be regulated by RICS. Surveyors offering Party Wall Survey and Snagging Surveys can be regulated by either RICS or the RPSA.
  • Code of Practice: Our partners need to abide by Compare My Move's Code of Practice. This makes sure that each customer receives a high-quality service. Partners should always contact customers within 48 hours of receiving their lead.

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How to Find a Surveying Company

Compare My Move can help assist you with choosing a surveying company in Darlington that is trusted and verified. You simply need to fill out our online form. We can then connect you with up to 6 different local surveying companies, helping you to save up to 70% on your surveying costs.

Alternatively, you can ask family and friends for suggestions. Before deciding on a surveying company, it's useful to have several quotes to compare and contrast. This will give you a better idea of the services provided and overall costs.

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