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Guide to Home Improvements

About this guide

Thinking of a house extension? Compare My Move’s team of experts have researched and written the most helpful advice articles to help you with all sorts of home improvements. From what adds value and what decreases value in your home to everything you need to know about party wall agreements, we’ve got you covered. 

The most important outcome of any home improvements will be the amount of value added. We look at how to increase the value of your home, from work that adds the most value to little changes that will make a difference. 

When making home improvements, you should think long-term. If any changes you make will decrease curb appeal or reduce the value of your home, this could seriously affect your ability to sell your home. We look at home renovations that devalue your home, from bright paint colours to built-in electrics. 

You might need a party wall agreement when carrying out work that affects your neighbours or other owners. A party wall agreement is usually made between neighbours regarding any building work that may affect either side of the boundary. We take an in-depth look at party wall agreements when doing home improvements.

By having all the important information in one place, with a focus on adding value to your home, improvements that devalue your home and whether you need a party wall surveyor, you will be fully prepared. After reading through the complete guide, we hope you’ll feel confident about what to expect when carrying out home improvements.