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Moving to Europe from the UK can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here at Compare My Move, we are committed to helping make your relocation as simple and as straightforward as possible.

By placing you in contact with our trusted partners, you can rest assured that the service provided will be stress-free. We work with many of the best international removal companies in the UK.

They will help you through the process of a European move, regardless of the distance. Having assisted thousands of international movers, their services are trusted and verified.

Our helpful and detailed International Removal Guides provide you with all the information needed in the run-up to your move. Whether you’re moving for business or pleasure, we are on hand to help you every step of the way.

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European Removals Companies

Top 4 European Removals Destinations

Compare My Move works closely with International Removal Companies that are on hand to help with your move to Europe. From packing to door-to-door services, they offer a wide range of useful services to utilise:

Removals to Spain

Moving to Spain? Find out all you need to know and compare verified companies.

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Removals to France

Moving to France? Find out all you need to know and compare verified companies.

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Removals to Germany

Moving to Germany? Find out all you need to know and compare verified companies.

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Removals to Italy

Moving to Italy? Find out all you need to know and compare verified companies.

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Shipping Options

When moving to Europe, there are several shipping options to choose from. The home survey your removals company carries out will help determine the best transportation choice for you. Here are the options to choose from:

Sea Freight European Removals

Sea Freight

Sea freight is one of the most popular choices when relocating to Europe. It offers the best value for money, and if you have many household goods to ship, this is the most effective method.

The removals company will place your goods into a shipping container and transport them overseas. When they arrive in your country of choice the container is unloaded into transit vans, and the company will ship your goods to your door.

If you have a lot of furniture, this is an ideal option to consider. There’s plenty of space for larger items, and the costs are based on the container size, rather than the weight of the goods. This is particularly useful for bulkier items or vehicles.

While the delivery times via shipping freight are longer than air freight, it’s the more eco-friendly option. This helps you to lower your carbon footprint.

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Air Freight

Air freight is the quickest option for shipping household goods to Europe.

As stated by DHL, on average, your goods will take between 3-5 days to arrive. The time will vary depending on the type of air freight shipping you choose, and the area of Europe you're shipping to.

The only downside to air freight is that it’s not as cost-effective as sea freight. The cost is based on the weight of the items, which can become quite expensive if you're shipping heavier goods. Given the speed of arrival, it’s a useful choice to consider if you're shipping a small number of goods.

There are many airports in Europe that you can ship goods to, making transportation simple. The removals company ensures your goods are safe and secure during transit.

You can use this option in addition to sea or road freight for items you need access to at an earlier date.

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Air Freight European Removals
Road Freight European Removals

Road Freight

Given Europe’s short distance to the UK, road freight is typically the best option to consider for most people.

Road freight is fairly inexpensive and is great for those looking to relocate on a budget. As stated by Pallet 2 Ship, goods will take around 2-3 working days to arrive. They can be delivered sooner with premium services.

The shipping times will vary depending on the location, delivery method, and whether you shipped a full load or via a groupage service.

Removals companies will use both rail and road networks depending on your chosen country and the shortest transportation times. The Eurotunnel is commonly used as a way of transporting goods into Europe from the UK.

The road networks in countries such as Germany are efficient, speeding up the delivery process. However, in Spain, the roads are narrower, which can make certain areas more difficult to access.

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Part Loads

Part-loads are useful for those looking to ship a smaller number of goods. It involves sharing a container with a number of other people, depending on the amount of space you require.

As you're sharing the service, this significantly cuts down the costs of shipping. This is worth considering for those relocating on a budget.

The European country and removal method chosen will vary the length of time it takes for goods to arrive. Part-load road freight can take up to two weeks longer to arrive according to PSS.

Many removal companies wait until the container is full before shipping. This can delay the shipping process by a few days. This is worth keeping in mind if you need your goods to arrive quickly.

If you have a lot of goods, this is not the best method due to the limitations on space.

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Part Load European Removals
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Why Use a European Removal Company?

When relocating to Europe, there are many factors to consider. From finding a new home and job to shipping your family and goods overseas, it takes a lot of planning. This is why it’s useful to use a European Removal Company.

They are experts in European removals and are on hand to assist you and provide advice every step of the way. Without using a professional company, you would have to arrange the transportation manually. This can be challenging.

Hiring a professional removals company that specialises in moves to Europe can help save you money and time. You can rest assured knowing your goods are protected by Public Liability and Goods in Transit Insurance. This is a requirement for all removal companies.

European removal companies often offer additional services such as packaging and self-storage. This can be a big help when relocating.

Our house removals article, and Happy Movers section of our website covers the benefits of using a removals company in more detail.

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How Much Do European Removals Cost?

The cost of European Removals will vary based on these factors:

  • Removals choice
  • The company
  • The distance travelled
  • The chosen country
  • The volume of goods
  • The delivery time
  • Any additional services used

To receive a personalised quote, use our international removals comparison service.

We place you in contact with up to 6 different companies specialising in European removals. They all offer high-quality services at competitive prices and are trusted and verified.

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Removal costs invoice
Shipping Options European Removals 2

Shipping to Europe

When looking at shipping costs to Spain, on average a 3-bed house will cost £3,100. This is according to PSS. To Germany, shipping freight can be anywhere up to £4,300. When shipping a 40ft container to Italy, you can pay up to £3,000.

Air Freight to Europe

Air freight costs are expensive. To transport goods to Italy, for each kilo you can be charged at least £2.

Road Freight to Europe

Road freight to Germany costs on average £1,900 to £2,700. This covers the shipping costs, not any additional charges such as costumes and inspections.

Part Load to Europe

Moving a small load of goods to France costs an average of £600.

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