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Zenyx Griffiths
Written by Zenyx Griffiths
2nd August 2017 (Last updated on Thursday 29th August 2019)

Moving abroad is a huge step to take but an exciting new endeavour by anyone's standards. Although this may be an exhilirating experience, there is no denying there is a lot to consider and organise. Compare My Move will help you find a reputable removal company and find the best deal on your international removal costs so that's one thing sorted but there is a lot more to think about. Here, we have put together some useful guides to help you with your international removal.

Moving Abroad - The Ultimate Guide

A comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about moving abroad. From visas to buying a home to healthcare, Compare My Move have got you covered. 

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Choosing an International Removal Company

Get expert advice from Compare My Move and from some of our trusted International Removal Companies on how to choose the right International Mover for your move abroad. 

How to Choose an International Removals Company

Airfreight - Everything You Need to Know

If you are moving overseas then airfreight services may be of use to you but you want to make sure you are using the best service possible. Compare My Move have all the information you need right here. 

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Moving Pets Abroad

The idea of leaving your pet behind when you move abroad can be very upsetting. With this Compare My Move guide, you will learn all you need to know about Moving a Cat or Dog abroad. 

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Visas, Residency and Citizenship Explained

Understanding your visa and residency options when looking to move abroad can be a complex task. In this guide, Compare My Move explore the basics of visas, residency and citizenship in popular international destinations so you can stay fully informed.

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How to Choose Long-term Storage

Whether you need long-term storage in the UK while you live abroad, or whether you need to store items in your new home-country, Compare My Move go through all you need to know about storing your belongings while abroad, covering costs and options.

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How Much do International Removals Cost?

Compare My Move go through the costs of international removals, explaining the average price of moving from the UK to destinations across the world.

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A Guide to International Removals Insurance

From insurance costs to coverage, Compare My Move go through your options for protecting your belongings while in transit to your new life abroad.

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How to Get Your Items Through Customs

Compare My Move explores a major aspect of moving abroad: getting your belongings through customs. Covering the documents you need to leave and return to the UK, here's all you need to know about getting your items through customs.

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