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A Guide to International Removals Insurance

Owain Banfield
Written by Owain Banfield
15th February 2018 (Last updated on Friday 16th February 2018)

In this guide Compare My Move takes you through a few crucial areas that should be considered when seeking international removals insurance.

Insurance is one of those things that nobody really wants to think about, but when you need it you will thank your lucky stars that you went ahead and sorted it. This is especially true when it comes to moving home and transporting your beloved belongings to your new home. Having international removals insurance is vital to securing your belongings on a long journey abroad.

When moving home in the UK, we make sure that all the international removals companies you will find on Compare My Move offer Goods in Transit and Public Liability Insurance as standard, so you can relax knowing all your contents is well covered for the move.

However, when moving abroad you may want to consider some additional cover. This is due to the complexities of these moves as well as the increased chance of potential loss or damage of your property as a result of the long and arduous journey.

This article will cover the following points

What is International Removals Insurance? What Does it Cover? How Much does it Cost? Do I Need International Removals Insurance? How to Save on your Insurance Cost Save Money on your International Removals

What is International Removals Insurance?

International removals insurance, pretty much, does what it says on the tin. It is a specialist type of insurance that will cover your belongings during transit when moving from one country to another. This is especially important when using freight services by sea, as rough waters often see parts of ships cargo lost to the ocean as well as give a rough ride inside their containers, leading to a higher potential for breakages.

Air freight, although not quite as risky, is also key for specialist international insurance. This is due to the complexities of moving your contents to and from aircraft and possibly even between aircraft for longer journeys. Leading to the possibility of your prize possessions getting lost in transit being significantly higher than usual.

What Does International Removals Insurance Cover?

Special international removals insurance usually works on an itemised basis. This means that you should value each item in your home at the cost of replacing it. For example, you need to highlight that if it would cost you £1,000 to replace your fancy TV then that is what you should value it at, not what you would sell it for at a used price. More expensive items worth over £500 (so that fancy TV) should be individually declared as an item of high value, so special considerations can be made.

In most cases, depending on the terms and conditions of your agreement, the insurer has the option to offer a replacement, repair or compensation in the case that any of your belongings are damaged or lost in transit. When your items will be travelling through or stored at any time in areas where security is lax, your insurance will also cover you for any ‘loss’ or theft of items such as TVs, PCs and other high value items.

For the most part, the most common claims against international removals insurance is for scratches, dents and bumps that often happen quite naturally through the long journeys and various methods of transport likely to be used to move your kit. The insurance will cover any of these situations and will either cover the cost of repair or replace the items when damaged.

How Much Does International Removals Insurance Cost?

Of course, the cost of international removals insurance depends widely on a number of variables; the volume/weight/value of the contents you need to move and the distance/method or transport you are using.

Many providers of international removals will offer additional insurance as an optional add-on when you go to them for a quote for your move. However, you may find a cheaper quote by going through a third-party insurer such as Letton Percival or Insure-your-move.

This is because your removal company will often use these third-party insurers but add a premium for sorting it on your behalf. This may save you some hassle, but going direct also gives you some flexibility. Removals companies will normally base their insurance quotes on around £35,000 worth of value, whereas a third-party provider can tailor your insurance to exactly what you are going to use.

Do I Need International Removals Insurance?

You never want to pay for insurance until you need it, then you love it!

Luckily, as all Compare My Move removals companies offer Goods in Transit and Public Liability Insurance as standard, so you are already covered to a certain degree. However, if you are moving the full contents of your home abroad with some high value items included such as antiques, collectables or top of the range electrical items then you would certainly want to explore some additional insurance to cover this content to a higher level.

How to Save on the Cost of International Removals Insurance

We have already mentioned that you may be able to save by going direct to a third-party insurer rather than through your removals company. However, you may also be able to save on removals insurance based on the method of transit you choose. When moving abroad to mainland Europe, you are likely to be able to move your contents by road which presents less opportunity for your contents to be damaged or lost and is also likely to be quicker and cheaper than shipping or air freight.

However, when moving further afield shipping or air freight might be your only options. Getting quotes for insurance on both methods of travel and then comparing them to the speed and cost of delivery will give you the overall cost of that method and let you choose based on price and convenience.

When moving abroad you should really consider exactly what you need take with you. It is a good idea to do an assessment of the items in your home and assess the cost of moving and insuring those items in comparison to selling those items and purchasing new versions in your new home.

In the case of items where there is high sentimental or monetary value it is likely that moving/insuring them will be required. In the case of items such as small white goods, basic furniture and even some of your clothing may be cheaper to re-purchase than moving them.

Save Money on your International Removals

We hope this guide has made you an international removals insurance guru, and that you now have a clearer understanding of what to expect. Compare My Move can also help you save money when it matters, by connecting you with up to 6 professional removal companies so you can compare and save on your move abroad. 

All of our partners are verified by us and reviewed by you, meaning Public Liability Insurance and Goods in Transit Insurance as standard.