Benefits of not quoting customers

Unlike other lead generators, we don’t quote customers, we leave that to you. The fact we don’t use an auto quote system is what sets us apart from competitors and proves popular with partners. Here’s how you can benefit from this.

It’s a unique feature

Not quoting customers is why many of our partners use us and stay with us for so long. We have many long-term partners who appreciate this unique feature and the profit they receive from our leads. It’s a benefit of our partnership that you won’t get elsewhere.

"I don’t have to put my prices down to win the job and that’s the main difference between you and the other lead generators.” - Paul Morrison, Norton Highfield Chartered Surveyors

Eliminates a bidding war

You don’t have to compete with other companies to offer the cheapest price for the job. Other companies won’t know what you’re charging for your services, allowing you to have a better chance of selling your business to the client for the price you deserve. Our business model eliminates a bidding war where everyone is reducing their prices to win the job and losing out on a good profit.

"When others [lead generators] provide prices and ours is different, it can cause problems.” - Natalie and Georgina, C&C Surveying

Customer doesn’t race to the bottom

As we don’t show prices, customers won’t be able to filter to get the cheapest price. This means they pick you based on what you offer, your reviews and how you respond to them. Feedback from the public shows that they prefer to pick companies this way over the cheapest quote, eliminating a “race to the bottom”.

[We reviewed them] on price, on what we thought of their representative, what we thought of the company by Google reviews and [we looked] at the moving site to see what the reviews said too.” - Timothy Read, Compare My Move Customer

You set prices you deserve

Not showing prices for your service allows you to set the prices that you deserve. You can sell yourself and your services to the customer on the phone or via email. Feedback has shown this to be successful for our partners, selling their services for the right price. This gives you the ability to quote for the quality of work instead of falling into the undercutting race to the bottom trap.

"It keeps our prices in the right place so we can offer a great service at a fair price.” - Mike Ashton, Cambridge Building Surveyors

We leave the experts to quote

While we provide the initial contact with the customer, you know your product and services better than us, so that’s why we leave it to the experts to quote. Make sure you reach out and gather more information from the customer to offer an accurate quote.

"That’s the great thing about your site, I can email the client or ring them to talk about a price, I can’t do that with other platforms.” - Paul Morrison, Norton Highfield Chartered Surveyors

Leads get delivered in real time

Another reason we don’t use an auto-quote system is because our leads are delivered in real-time. They’re not farmed out at certain points of the day like many other providers. Our leads come in as and when users put them through, meaning there’s much more chance of contact and conversion.

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

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