Why we don't quote customers

Compare My Move’s partnership offers features you can’t get elsewhere. One of those is the fact we don’t quote customers, we leave that to you. This guide explains the benefits of this approach for your business.

Eliminates a bidding war

Quoting the customer yourself will remove a bidding war for the job. Other companies won’t know what you’re charging for your services, allowing you to have a better chance of selling your business to the client. Our business model eliminates a system where everyone is reducing their prices to win the job like other lead generators.

Andy White, one of our Happy Movers explained the reassurance he got from speaking to Jim from Good Movers on the phone to discuss quotes. “I ended up speaking to Jim on the phone, and I don't know about you, but I get a sense of a person on the phone and he just sounded like the kind of person I would be happy working with.”

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Higher chance of winning jobs

Unlike other lead generators, customers won’t see a list of prices and automatically go for the cheapest quote. It gives the customer a chance to weigh up their options without instantly dismissing you if your services cost more. Our business model gives you a higher chance of winning the lead by talking to the customer and explaining what you can offer them.

One of our users, Mary Brunton, who used Sunlight Removals for her move told us how she decided on them. “The man I spoke to, the manager, was very persuasive and he offered to give me some discount…[he] did the Zoom call around the house and was really, really persuasive and very, very thorough. So I think he's the main reason I went with those guys.”

Charge what you think your service is worth

Our business model means you can charge what you think your service is worth without underselling your services. Our users have explained how they choose between quotes, despite some being higher. One of our Happy Movers told us “I was choosing between 2 on the site,” she explained, “and the second person was more expensive, but he had offered me free waiting time if there was a delay with the keys, which I found was useful…”

Despite getting a range of quotes, our users are looking for quality and not just a cheap price for their move. One Happy Mover, Timothy Read, who used City Removals & Storage for his move told us how he came to choose them. “[We reviewed them] on price, on what we thought of their representative, what we thought of the company by Google reviews and [we looked] at the moving site to see what the reviews said too.”

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Personalised service for customers

By quoting the customer, you can offer a personalised service for their move. You learn about their situation and what would be most helpful to them. One of our users shared her experience of choosing a company based on personalisation. “I went back to the first guy...and then I said to him that I had got a quote, including some free waiting times. So he matched that as well!

Charlotte Girow, who used Easy 2 Move, explained how the companies offered everything she wanted. “[The company] arranged a follow-up WhatsApp video call so that they could go through and see all the contents in the house for themselves. It was very simple.” She told us that the companies she was considering had excellent additional services. “The first company offered a service to drop boxes off [before the move] in a refundable deposit,” she explained. “Both companies also offered a dismantling and reassembling service…it seemed like if I needed it, I could get it.

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Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

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Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

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