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This company is no longer a member of our partner network

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Glasgow Removals & Storage

Partner Since: March 2015

Glasgow Removals & Storage

Unlike Sinatra says, here at Glasgow Removals and Storage we do it your way. We deliver each service with professionalism and care for every kind of move and every single customer. Whether you’re moving home or office premises, or you need some secure furniture we will have a service that suits your needs. We are proud to be one of the most reliable and secure removal and storage companies in Glasgow.

Our services

Moving House

You’ve found the home of your dreams and you’ve agreed a date to move in, all you need now is a reliable and professional removals company to help you move. Here at Glasgow Removals and Storage we understand how stressful moving house can be, but relax – your big day is our every day and we have it all under control.

Moving Office

We are proud of the excellent feedback our professional office removals team receive, but it is to be expected. Our office removals specialists are highly trained, experienced, friendly and full ensured. We feel that punctuality is fundamental, especially when it comes to office moves when minimal downtime of the business is crucial. We have the right vehicles for your office move, so give us a call and put your mind at rest.

Storage Facilities

We have modern storage facilities in Glasgow that keep your possessions and belongings dry, clean, safe and secure. We pride ourselves on our efficient and professional storage solutions that are at a price you can afford. We can store your items to the timescale, rental agreement and budget you require.

Locations covered

As the name suggests, we are based in Glasgow and can business owners and homeowners move properties all over Glasgow and surrounding areas.

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