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Always email the customer

We’ve found that some customers won’t pick up phone calls from unknown numbers, so it’s equally as important to contact the customer via email as well. For best results, you should email the customer first so they can then expect your call.

Don’t call repeatedly

Don’t constantly call the customer if they’re not answering. This will only put them off using your service. Instead, try them at a different but appropriate time of day and ensure you’ve emailed them before calling more than once.

Think carefully about how you word emails

Take the time to craft your email, make sure it’s professionally written and clearly promotes your company and services. Making an email template you can send out each time will help save you time. Never forward our original lead email to the public as this will increase the chance of your message being marked as spam.

Always mention Compare My Move

Always make a reference to Compare My Move in your emails, voicemails and texts. We've already provided the customer with your details before they make contact, so mentioning us helps to link the information we send to promote them.

Be flexible

Remember that move dates and plans can change at any time. It’s important to be flexible and understanding of this when liaising with customers. Not charging a fee for changing dates could improve your chances of winning the job.

Reviews are important

Building up a review portfolio with our 5-star feature will help you win more work in the future. Don’t forget to contact your successful customers and ask them to leave a review on your Partner Page.

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