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How is HMLR’s Strategy 2022+ Playing Out?

HM Land Registry’s Strategy 2022+ aims to implement a paperless home buying and selling process by 2025.

The three-year plan sees HMLR take ownership to lead the way in using digital tools to improve the system.

In a bid to enforce end-to-end digital conveyancing and see automation of up to 70% of all register updates by next year, the Strategy sets out its main goals for 2022-2025:

  • Providing secure and efficient land registration
  • Enabling property to be bought and sold digitally
  • Providing near real-time property information
  • Providing accessible digital register data
  • Leading research and accelerating change with property market partners

With the Strategy 2022+ and the push for Upfront Information, the universal goal is for everyone to work together to significantly improve the buying and selling process for all involved. All parties should have the essential and correct information at the start of the process, helping to speed up the conveyancing process.

In addition, HMLR recently launched a new pilot that will see them provide a selection of mortgage lenders with application progress updates directly. The aim is to eliminate the process of lenders chasing conveyancers for an update, saving thousands of hours a year on wasted phone calls and emails.

“If implemented, this will really help reduce the amount of back and forth chasing between lenders and conveyancers, ultimately speeding up the entire process.” – Dave Sayce, Founder & Director of Compare My Move

Compare My Move’s high-quality conveyancing leads include all the information needed to provide a quote right away. You can buy, manage and control leads in our app for iOS and Android which positively contributes towards end-to-end digital conveyancing.

We’ve generated over 10,000 conveyancing leads for our partners in 2024 so far, seeing a surge of Purchase leads. We also generate leads for Sale, Sale & Purchase and Remortgage.

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

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