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A guide to setting up a house clearance company

Setting up a house clearance business can be hugely beneficial. Being as organised as possible will generate more success for your start-up. This includes thoroughly researching competitors and evaluating what services you wish to offer.

You will need to register for appropriate regulation and insurance coverage. This ensures that you are fully licensed to avoid hefty fines whilst also providing a professional image for your customer base.

In this guide, we’ve collated everything you need to know about setting up a house clearance business. This includes the benefits that come with using a lead generation service.

1. Apply for Regulation

Before you launch your house clearance business, make sure you have all regulations and insurance in place. This will avoid run-ins with the law which can result in legal action and fines. It will also reassure customers that you are a professional company who carries out all jobs to the highest standard.

You will need to take out the following:

Vehicle Insurance

All vehicles must be insured to drive in the UK. You will need to take out commercial vehicle insurance. This is because you will be handling waste and travelling to various waste centre locations. You can use insurance comparison sites to find the best deal to keep your cost down.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance ensures your company is protected if any damage occurs during transit. It also reassures customers that you are a professional business that works to a high standard.

Waste Carriers Licence

It is compulsory for those transporting and disposing of waste to hold a Waste Carriers Licence. This is issued by the Environment Agency and ensures that you are authorised to move waste to the correct waste centres. This minimises the amount of waste that is sent to landfill and reassures customers that there is no risk of fly-tipping.

2. Figure out the services you can offer

Some house clearance companies specialise in full property clearances. Others provide additional services including partial and garden clearances. What you decide to offer is dependent on the size of your vehicle and how many vehicles you have.

Most house clearance start-ups consist of one Luton van. This means you can provide small, medium, and large clearances.

Here are more details on what each clearance consists of:

Small Clearance

Small clearances are equal to ½ a van load or 500kg of items.

Medium Clearance

Medium clearances are equal to ¾ a van load or 750kg of items.

Large Clearance

Large clearances are equal to a full van load or 1,000kg of items.

Most house clearance businesses offer all three options. However, some companies specialise in larger clearances. This is because smaller clearances generate less money whilst also requiring you to travel to and from the waste centres.

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3. Do your research

Research the areas where you plan on offering your services is essential. Look at other companies working in your chosen areas whether you are working locally or nationwide. This includes reviewing what services they offer and the prices.

Try to look at as many competitors as possible. This allows you to calculate a price point that is not too low that you won’t make a profit but not too high that you will lose customers.

Companies that plan on covering a wide range of areas will have a larger clientele. However, the cost of travelling will need to be considered in your overheads. Conversely, those operating locally will experience lower overheads. However, your customer base is more restricted.

Partners on our network can choose areas of operation through our Postcode Data Tool. This allows you to see low-competition and high-demand areas, so you can best target your leads and generate success.

4. Create a website

Setting up a website is one of the best ways to generate business as customers can find you online. Your website should include up-to-date contact and location details. You should also showcase your services and provide proof of Public Liability insurance if possible. You should also include your Waste Carriers License number.

Our review widget can be added to your website to showcase your 5-star reviews and build trust among your customers.

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Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

5. Get high-quality house clearance leads

Compare My Move can boost your business growth with high-quality house clearance leads. Whether you are starting up a house clearance business for the first time or have years in the industry, you can benefit from lead generation.

Our partners keep 100% profit from every job thanks to our no-commission business model. You also don’t have to worry about referral fees. You have the power to quote the customer as we don’t show clients any costs.

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

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