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Bespoke Law Services

A partner since 2022, Bespoke Law Services enjoy a higher conversion rate from our conveyancing leads than other lead generators they’ve used.

We spoke with Daniel Scarrett, Head of Sales at Bespoke Law Services, to learn how our partnership has contributed towards their expansion as a business.

Who are Bespoke Law Services?

Based in West Sussex, Bespoke Law Services is a property law firm specialising in conveyancing. They offer their expert services across many UK areas including St Alban’s, Chester, Croydon, Hull, and Cardiff.

With many years of experience in the industry, they pride themselves on their excellent reputation and numerous repeat clients. Regulated by the CLC, Bespoke Law Services can help with the sale, purchase, sale and purchase and remortgage of your property.

What made Compare My Move stand out?

Needing a new lead generator, Bespoke Law Services did a quick Google search and soon found us. After a smooth sign-up process, Daniel noticed the features and tools offered within his personalised Lead Manager, stating “...they set you apart from the rest.”

The flexibility with leads is what made Compare My Move really stand out for Daniel. The ability to control the number of leads and when they receive them really helps them manage their budget, as he “...can do this at a flip of a switch with the Lead Manager.” Being able to pause certain lead types instantly particularly aids the business if they have staff sickness.

“We’re enjoying a higher conversion rate than other providers we’re using”

Daniel Scarrett, Head of Sales at Bespoke Law Services

What challenges did they face with other lead generators?

The main challenge Bespoke Law Services faced with other lead generators was the lack of flexibility with their leads. Daniel told us they’d have to give 2 weeks' notice if they wanted to pause their leads, meaning they’d waste many, especially over the weekends.

Now available as an app for Android and Apple, our Lead Manager allows partners to have complete control over how they manage their leads, with the ability to pause and activate lead types 24/7.

What features do they like?

Daniel told us the sales team appreciates the additional comments section we provide on our leads. It allows their clients to add specific details such as whether or not they’re taking out a mortgage and who their lender is. Knowing this information means the team can check if they’re on the lender panel right away and avoid any delays in the process.

Talking about the Lead Manager again, Daniel says it’s really helpful to see how many leads they have left displayed, allowing them to top up when they’re running low. However, they’ve recently switched to a Bonus Account that benefits from automatic top-ups and 10% extra leads on every purchase.

What growth have they seen?

Recently hiring a new salesperson and with plans to recruit further, Bespoke Law Services credits Compare My Move as a contributor to their expansion.

They enjoy an 8-12% conversion rate and a better ROI than other lead generators, with the expectation to see this increase now they’ve set up our webhook integration.

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

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