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Muve Conveyancers

A partner since 2020, Muve Conveyancers have doubled their lead numbers over the past year alone.

We caught up with Paul Coleman, CRO at Muve, to learn how our Partner Support Team helped them achieve this.

Who are Muve Conveyancers?

Offering their expert legal services for the purchase, sale and purchase and sale of property across England and Wales, Muve Conveyancers pride themselves on using innovative solutions to improve the conveyancing process.

Offering upgrades to ‘Fast’ conveyancing services and their 24/7 online portal, Muve is paving the way for home buyers and sellers.

Paul told us they were “always aware” of our service as they saw us online. As their business grew and expanded, they then reached out to us.

“We have a healthy, growing and deepening relationship with yourselves.”

Muve Conveyancers

What makes Compare My Move stand out?

The growth”, Paul answered, when asked what makes us stand out compared to other lead generators. In the last 12 months, they’ve doubled their lead volume and have experienced impressive growth, crediting our partnership for this success.

Experiencing fluctuations in their conversion rate, Paul spoke with our Head of Partner Support for some advice on how to rectify this. “Stuart has been proactive - he’s given us a number of things he’s identified we can do to increase our conversion rate, such as updating our Partner Page and publishing responses to reviews.

What features do they like?

Muve particularly enjoy using their Lead Manager. “We find it really easy, you can go in and can switch on or off leads, change postcodes, it really helps us monitor the lead flow.”

Paul told us they use the Lead Manager to supply their sales team with leads each day. “We’re constantly making sure we’re keeping those guys busy with your leads.”

Commenting on his relationship with Stuart, Paul told us he “...really enjoyed working with him, he’s always friendly and helpful”. Discussing some operational changes they plan to implement within their business, Paul praised Stuart again for being “pragmatic and helpful.” with their decisions.

What growth have they seen?

Commenting on their growth during the last year, Paul told us “...we’re growing and so are you, it’s a partnership.”

He expanded, “what’s been really useful is your business being clearly successful has meant the number of leads you're able to provide us has grown - the customers we get through your platform seem to be happy.”

With plans to increase their conversion rate further, Paul envisions a close working relationship as we grow together. “I would like to foster a more strategic relationship with you over time, one where we think about ‘how do we grow together’.”

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

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