Juno Property Lawyers

Based in London, Juno Property Lawyers are enjoying their “productive partnership” with Compare My Move. We caught up with Tracey Snowdon, Head of Sales at Juno to hear how their conveyancing leads have helped them grow as a business.

Who are Juno Property Lawyers?

A partner since August 2019, Juno Property Lawyers offer their expert legal help with the sale and purchase of a home across North West London, South West London, Bristol, Cambridge, Portsmouth and many more UK locations.

Regulated by the CLC, Juno’s modern approach to conveyancing aims to make the process simpler, clearer and faster for all involved. Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot and ‘Superb’ with Compare My Move Reviews, Juno’s systems also support 100% remote working which means processes like ID checks are done completely online.

What features do they like?

Juno Property Lawyers appreciate their new and improved dashboard, the Lead Manager. “It’s thinned down the need for communication, which is good for both of us.” Tracey told us how the Lead Manager has helped them massively. “It’s been a big step forward for us, it makes things a lot more responsive.”

Their Lead Manager lets them pause certain lead types over the weekend without having to get the team at Compare My Move to authorise it. “We can just do it ourselves and see immediate action which is really nice - makes it easier for us.” They also appreciate the ability to turn on and off leads so they can manage their caseload carefully, “...doing this allows us to not overload the solicitors.”

The team at Juno make the most of their Lead Manager by using the Postcode Data Tool for lead insights. “It allows us to target postcode areas that aren’t flooded with competition.” Talking about the recent Stamp Duty announcement, Tracey explained how the data we share will help them. “People can get more visibility on areas doing well.

“A productive partnership that’ll help both businesses grow.”

Juno Property Lawyers

What growth have they seen?

Seeing a 10% conversion rate on average and doing well with their ROI, Juno Property Lawyers see Compare My Move as a “valuable partnership.” Tracey expands on this. “It’s helped us to create what we’ve got and to learn moving forward.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to introduce new features and benefits that gives our partners more control over their account. This has been ground-breaking for Juno Property Lawyers. “The more control you’re developing for your clients, the easier it makes it for us to build and grow the business in the direction we want to take it.”

Talking about the ability to pause and activate certain lead types, Tracey explained how the Lead Manager will impact their future growth as a business. “The more control we have with not wasting money, then the funds we’re spending with you become more targeted with the type of business we’re looking for - this means we’re more likely to expand and grow.”

When asked how they would summarise their time with us so far, Tracey simply said. “A productive partnership that’ll help both businesses grow.”

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