How we help grow businesses

Compare My Move’s partnership has played an instrumental part in the growth of many businesses, old and new. Learn how we’ve helped our partners' businesses grow.

Help to establish businesses

We pride ourselves on working with startups as well as established businesses. As a fairly new business, Zoe from Your Surveyors told us how we’ve been a massive part of her success, explaining how refreshing it is for a new business to see such a “positive success in a short space of time”.

Imraad from Sterlingworth Surveyors explained how Compare My Move’s leads have been “instrumental in the success of the company”, allowing them to significantly grow their team and business in such a short time.

Expanding teams

Our consistent and high-quality leads have resulted in many of our partners expanding their business and workforce. Starting out as a “one-man band” during the Covid-19 pandemic, Sterlingworth Surveyors grew to a team of 13 professionals in just 12 months with the help of our partnership.

We’ve learnt that our partners have hired whole departments to keep up the work we generate for them. Landview Surveyors told us they’ve hired new administration staff to help with the increase in leads and demand for jobs we’ve provided, with expansion in location and team members on the horizon.

High return on investment

Our high-quality, real-time leads provide our partners with large turnovers for their business. Aim Removals told us how our leads alone have added an impressive 42% onto their gross turnover for the year.

Attwells Solicitors shared an insight into their ROI, stating they experience a consistently high return on investment with our leads, profiting more than expected. Joanne explained how they aim to work on a 1:3 ratio, “ for every £1 we spend, we expect £3 back, and we always get above and beyond our expected return.”

Impressive conversion rates

Our detailed and high-quality leads are what attracts partners to our network, it also means higher conversion rates. AIM Removals told us they appreciate the standard of leads we provide as they are “always genuine people looking to move house”, whereas other providers didn’t provide that transparency for Michael, “the constant is the standard of the quotes”.

Your Surveyors have an impressive 38% conversion rate for our surveying leads, with Zoe explaining they generate “a hell of a lot of business” from our leads. Attwells Solicitors also experience a high conversion rate, converting 50% of their leads with us, appreciating their high ROI.

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

Grow your business

Boost your work and grow your business with quality leads from Compare My Move

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