C&C Surveying Case Study

Hiring new staff, expanding into new areas and moving offices, C&C Surveying is thriving in the surveying industry.

We caught up with Natalie and Georgina, Sales and Bookings Team Heads at C&C Surveying, to hear how they’ve grown as a business with our leads.

Who are C&C Surveying?

With offices in London, Birmingham and Newcastle, C&C Surveying proudly offer RICS Home Surveys Level 2, Level 3 and Valuation Reports.

After Googling the best surveying lead generators out there, Compare My Move appeared and they decided to partner with us.

Partnered with Compare My Move since 2019, they also hold an impressive 5* review rating with us, which in turn has helped their Trustpilot reviews grow.

“Our excellent reviews on Trustpilot are thanks to you - you’ve provided the good quality customers and we’ve converted.”

C&C Surveying

What challenges did they face?

They’d often have difficulty with certain lead providers that show partners’ prices. “When others provide prices and ours is different, it can cause problems.” With Compare My Move, we don’t show your clients on-screen prices, we leave that down to you to quote fairly and accurately based on their requirements.

C&C Surveying found that other lead providers would often take 2-3 days to get back to their queries. They appreciate that we’re “...approachable and always pick up the phone - it’s not all done by email.”

C&C Surveying

What made Compare My Move stand out?

Compared to other lead generators they’ve used, the quality of our leads is what stood out the most for C&C Surveying.

Talking about the detail provided, Natalie and Georgina explained how the lead has everything included for them to quote the client, even before speaking with them. They explained how the lead “...provides all the details, telephone number, email address - other lead generators don't do this, so you’re one of the best lead providers in that sense.”

“Your leads are the first cog in the wheel that helps it turn - they help us bring in the money to grow.”

C&C Surveying

What features do they like?

The business has expanded the areas they operate by making the most of their personalised Lead Manager. “Being able to look at postcodes and see where leads are being lost helps us identify new areas we could utilise.”

They shared how the ability to identify these new areas with the postcodes and where surveyors are placed is really useful for any growing business. Natalie and Georgina also appreciate being able to do things themselves on the Lead Manager, but their Account Manager is always there to help if needed.

What growth have they seen?

The business is “growing by the minute”, hiring new members of staff, taking on new areas and moving offices.

With an average conversion rate of 40%, C&C Surveying is generating “a lot of business” from our leads. “It has helped us grow, the lead quality helps us get business which inevitably helps us expand.

“The lead quality and service you provide compared to competitors, you’re hands down really up there with the big ones.”

C&C Surveying

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